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Should Dez Bryant be returning punts?

In my opinion there is no way Dez Bryant should be returning punts unless it’s the 4th quarter and the Cowboys are tied or down by 14 or less points… Archer talks Bryant returning punts on Ben and Skin Part … Continue reading

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Which NFC East defense improved the most?

Which NFC East defense improved the most? The Cowboys. Carr and Mo will be the best CB tandem in the NFC East by the end of the summer.

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Cowboys most important offensive player?

NFL Live crew debates which player is the most crucial to the Cowboys’ offense… It’s Tony Romo in a landslide. If he stinks then the team can’t score because the running game is not a proven commodity at all. Archer … Continue reading

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DCFanatic Radio – Talking OTA’s with OLB Adrian Hamilton

Update: Here’s the interview with Adrian Hamilton… We go live at 11:00pm Eastern to talk Cowboys OTA’s with OLB Adrian Hamilton. DCFanatic Radio – Talking OTA’s with Adrian Hamilton At this point keeping everyone who goes into the practices healthy is … Continue reading

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Was Jerry Jones sending Romo a message today?

Was Jerry Jones sending Romo a message today? Maybe Jerry took Romo’s comments as him being a little too comfortable. That window doesn’t even exist in my opinion because this team has never been anywhere close to the Super Bowl. … Continue reading

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Cowboys back in action at OTA’s

Just going to run this one entry today and go find all the info on the OTA’s I can dig up. Then later on tonight around 7 or 8 I will throw up link to tonight’s DCFanatic Radio episode where … Continue reading

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DFW Sportsbeat with Henderson, Claiborne and Livings

Good interviews this week with some of the new Dallas Cowboys… Every time I see Henderson I get happy because finally these guys are not being coached by Dave Campo. For the last few seasons I think Campo did a … Continue reading

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