Who is the ‘Thumper’ next to Sean Lee?

After hearing the Cowboys were going to draft an ILB with the 2nd round pick if they had not traded it away for Mo Claiborne I started thinking the Cowboys were not all that impressed with what they saw from Bruce Carter last season.

Then I remembered what Jerry Jones said about the position down at the Senior Bowl practices back in January…

Is Bruce Carter a thumper? No. Carter is more of a run and tackle type of player. He’s going to be able to get from sideline to sideline with ease and he can cover RB/TE’s out in space. But he will not be able to fight thru blocks in the middle and shed and tackle.

Is Dan Connor a thumper? Not really. He’s basically a clone of Sean Lee who does everything well, but is just not as good as Lee. Throw in the worry about his health and he’s definitely not a guy you want trying to be physical time and time again in the middle.

Is the rookie Caleb McSurdy a thumper? He’s a 7th round pick. End of story. He may even be going over to play Fullback in time.

So where is this thumper? And if Carter wasn’t that type of player why did you draft him so high when you already had a similar type of player on the roster in Sean Lee? Are the Cowboys going to have to add a thumper in Free Agency? Could Anthony Spencer move inside and be a thumper?

Let’s hope we find out the answer to these questions by September.


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9 Responses to Who is the ‘Thumper’ next to Sean Lee?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Bobby Wagner is not a “thumper” either. Jerry jones is so in love with the 49ers ILB’s. I live in the bay Area. Patrick Willis and Navarro Bowman are not thumpers. Both of them are fast, instinctive and sure tacklers. Their D-line does an excellent job of eaten up blockers. So those two can just run to the ball.

  2. Let see what he gives us this year DC, i really do think we are going to be formidable with Bruce and Sean in the middle. At least we have a MUCH better chance Bruce covering tight ends than Brooking and James! Bruce is a wrap up tackler kind of guy but as long as our LB corp is making plays, i’ll take it.

  3. chris says:

    if u saw lee & connors combined numbers in 2007 when they played side by side at penn st you would be pretty psyched to see the possibility at ILB for the cowboys in 2012 . here are there combined #’s .. 283 Tackles .. 25.5 TFL .. 10 Sacks .. 2 Int’s .. 16 PD . that’s pretty awesome . i think they envision carter right now as a nickle backer like kevin burnett and i believe from everything i’ve read about their 7th rd pick Caleb McSurdy has been positive and another high motor, productive collegiate player . i think they’ve done a great job building solid depth at the ILB position . i for one could care less about a “thumper” that’s just jerry speak not rob speak and not jason speak

  4. Anonymous says:

    Bruce Carter is a flat out stud. He will start and Connor will be a vaulable back up for Lee (injury history ) and Carter. I like the Boys are trying to create depth and competition

  5. Bruce can chase down Michael Vick, that’s all i care about 🙂

  6. Anonymous says:

    be patient bruce will have be a very good player. He can get through blocks but he needs this offseason to get stronger. Now DC just be patient. You had this similar thoughts about sean lee la year because he wasn’t starting over keith brookings in training camp. Stop listening to what jerry is feeding the media. He contradictions himself all the time.

  7. Lew Johnson says:

    I think you will see Albright move inside to be that thumper on the run downs.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I really don’t think your comprehension is where it needs to be. Jerry said you don’t necessarily need the thumper prototype. And that if things work out with Carter and Lee it would be similar to what the 49ers do, and adjust the defense around that. Never said we needed or were going to get a thumper.

  9. Not convinced that Bruce Carter can’t be the thumper yet. But if not, OLB Alex Albright (rookie last year) could possibly move inside to be a thumper since the Cowboys drafted a OLB Kyle Wiber.

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