All of these rookie free agents are Cowboys now

Here is the list of Cowboys rookie free agents, read here.

Here is the full list of rookie free agents:

Jeff Adams T Columbia
Levy Adcock T Oklahoma State
Cole Beasley WR Southern Methodist
Tim Benford WR Tennessee Tech
George Bryan TE North Carolina State
Taylor Dever T Notre Dame
Lance Dunbar RB North Texas
Harland Gunn G Miami
Saalim Hakim WR Tarleton State
Adrian Hamilton LB Prairie View A&M
Charley Hughlett LS Central Florida
Donavon Kemp WR UTEP
Ronald Leary G Memphis
Isaac Madison CB Arkansas
Tyrone Novikoff T Idaho
Darrell Scott RB South Florida
Lionel Smith CB Texas A&M
Andrew Szczerba TE Penn State
Aston Whiteside LB Abilene Christian
Eddie Whitley S Virginia Tech
Troy Woolfolk CB

Heads up if you did not already know. Adrian Hamilton will be joining us tonight on DCFanatic Radio going live at 10pm Eastern. Gets better. His high school rival for four years was Cowboys RB Phillip Tanner. He will be on with us as well.


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2 Responses to All of these rookie free agents are Cowboys now

  1. kristie says:

    the one that interests me the most is jeff adams.

  2. Adrian Hamilton enough said…

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