What are they saying about Cowboys draft?

Some people who don’t really dig deep into the players in the draft beyond the big name first rounders may run around on Twitter saying the Cowboys draft was a disaster.

And when I say some people I mean Dan Graziano of ESPN’s NFC East blog. No need to link to his garbage because he sounded silly trashing the Cowboys draft based on them not grabbing any named players Dan ever heard of in the three hours he spent on player evaluation.

And when I say three hours I am referring to him watching Sportscenter talk about Luck, Griffin and Tannehill in 12 different segments.

Dan knows the starting QB’s for the NFC East teams, but he’s clueless about which players or positions the teams were targeting in the draft. While I was guessing correctly on three of the four players the Cowboys selected in rounds 4-6 Dan was busy bashing players he had never heard of never mind watching any film on them which was easy accessible on Youtube.

Let’s get to some other people and their views on the Cowboys draft…

Well I guess Dan would think those two guys don’t know crap about football.

What about the NFL Networks guys…

How are they giving them an ‘A’ when it’s clear that Dan Graziano has told everyone the Cowboys are clueless when it comes to the draft.

The guys at SBNation are going to agree with Dan for sure…

Starting to wonder if we ever find anyone who agrees with Mr. Graziano.

Rob Rang on the NFC Draft grades, read here.

Dallas Cowboys: C

The Cowboys pulled one of the early surprises of the draft, trading up to select LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne at No. 6 overall. Considering the team signed free agent Brandon Carr and former starter Mike Jenkins and last season’s third corner, Orlando Scandrick, Dallas now boasts arguably the league’s most talented cornerbacks group. While overshadowed at Boise State, defensive end Tyrone Crawford is an intriguing athlete whose size and athleticism could be maximized in Dallas’ scheme. Virginia Tech wideout Danny Coale is the opposite of most of Dallas’ wide receivers. He’s a good athlete who runs excellent routes and has reliable hands, rather than an extraordinary athlete who isn’t quite as consistent between the sidelines as the team might want. Watch out for underrated safety Matt Johnson, who was a consistent playmaker for the 2010 FCS champion Eastern Washington Eagles and could be in position for early playing time considering the Cowboys’ struggles recently at safety.

At least Rob didn’t give them a ‘I don’t know what the Cowboys are doing grade’ like Dan did the other day.

CNNSI gave the Cowboys a passing grade as well, read here.

Dallas Cowboys: Dallas fans seem to be of the belief that the move for CB Morris Claiborne (6) made everything else icing on the cake. That may be true — leaping up for Claiborne was a sensational move — and it could have to be, since Dallas didn’t land another immediate-impact guy. DE Tyrone Crawford (81) will have a chance to play as a pass-rusher.

Grade: B

And now to Michael Lombardi who says the Cowboys had one of the 12th best value picks, read here.

11. Caleb McSurdy, LB, Dallas (222nd). McSurdy might never start for Dallas, but he is capable of being a core special-teams member and playing a role in the Cowboys’ sub defense. He is smart, tough and willing, which makes him a real value in the seventh round.

The Czar from Fox Sports with his grade, read here.

Dallas Cowboys

This team blew five fourth-quarter leads last season as Rob Ryan’s defense faltered time and again. So owner Jerry Jones made the bold move to trade up with the Rams in order to take LSU’s Morris Claiborne, the draft’s most complete cornerback. This was a bold move, and Claiborne has no character flaws. … They waited until the third round for their next pick. Ryan has to love the addition of Boise State defensive end Tyrone Crawford. … Wake Forest outside linebacker Kyle Wilber also has pass-rush potential and, at worse, is a special-teams star. … Eastern Washington’s Matt Johnson will be given every chance to become a starting safety. The late-round find could be Oklahoma tight end James Hanna, who has a quick first step and possibly give Jason Witten a rest, since Witten isn’t getting any younger. Grade: B+

Just another guy who seems to be just fine with what the Cowboys did in the draft. Not really sensing anyone of those experts looking to frame the Cowboys efforts in the draft as disastrous.

These guys are making it seem like Graziano has no clue. Hmmm.

Here’s what Dan said about the Cowboys draft…


This is a close contest between the two moves that lost out in the first category. It’d be easy to say Griffin, because he cost so much more. But I’m giving this to the Cowboys’ trade-up to get Claiborne. It’s a tough call, because I think Claiborne may be the best player any NFC East team got in this draft (barely, if at all, ahead of Griffin) and he cost less than Griffin did. But I’m basing this call on the circumstances specific to each team.

The Redskins are taking a big risk, sure, by picking a kid to be their franchise quarterback and telling him they don’t have a first-round pick in either of the next two years with which to build around him. But the Redskins had no choice. Their need for Griffin was overwhelming, and they were right to let it overwhelm their priority list for this draft and the next two. Washington hasn’t had a franchise quarterback in 20 years, and once they were convinced Griffin could be one, this was a risk worth taking for them.

I do not think, however, that Dallas’ need for Claiborne was nearly as great as Washington’s need for Griffin. Yes, the Cowboys’ secondary was the obvious weak spot of their team last year — the main reason they fell one game short of the Giants in the division race. But they’d already spent their big free-agent bucks on Brandon Carr and had Mike Jenkins and Orlando Scandrick at cornerback. Does Claiborne have a good chance to be better than any of them? Yes. Could that happen as early as this year? You betcha. But with needs at safety, linebacker, defensive line and offensive line, the Cowboys should have conserved their picks to address multiple needs. They weren’t one great cornerback away from being a championship team in 2012, and by trading their top two picks for Claiborne, and then picking project players and reaches the rest of the way, they decided to operate as though that were the case. It’s a big risk, and if lingering weaknesses at those other spots do them in this season, they could regret it.

Doesn’t it feel like Dan is forcing himself to pick the Cowboys over the Redskins?

He says the Skins gave up more and could get a lot less in return. He says both teams were addressing the biggest need as far as positions that were poor on their teams. If RG3 and Claiborne are both busts then it’s gonna hurt the Skins a lot more over the next ten seasons.

Say both players are average. An average CB can play for years in this league and he’s on the field. Most average QB’s do not keep the starting job for long as the team then starts looking for his replacement.

Now say both players are top ten at their job for five years. The only way RG3 is valued more than Mo by leaps and bounds is if he turns the Skins into Super Bowl champs.

From there we come to a conclusion. He had just a bit more evidence to point the finger at the Skins here and instead decided to go with the Cowboys because he knows that it’s always a good choice to get the Cowboys fans in an uproar.

Some people like getting attention and they don’t care if it’s for doing a great job in researching the draft prospects so you sound informed when blogging about the draft or if it’s saying the Cowboys stink over and over again until a crowd full of their fans forms around you.

Pretty sure Dan had no clue who Kyle Wilber was until ESPN announced the Cowboys had drafted him.


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10 Responses to What are they saying about Cowboys draft?

  1. Glenn says:

    There are a few ways at looking at the Claiborne pick. On one hand, if you believe that you should take the best player available regardless of position or need, then the Cowboys absolutely followed that doctrine and the move up was phenomenal! Now, there are 2 schools of thought on the need for a better secondary or a better pass rush. I’ve felt that we needed a pass rusher big time, but if you look at this draft class and ask who the best pass rusher is, what I was hearing was Bruce Irvin. As Casserly was saying, Irvin, All others, supposedly had potential, were one trick pony’s, one move, speed but no power or power and lacking elite edge speed. What we had last year without Jenkins in the lineup was an awful secondary. I don’t want to blast Newman but his style didn’t work in the Ryan pressure defensive scheme. In comes Carr & now Mo, who fits like a charm into the Ryan scheme. Their ability to lock on longer will provide an extra second for the pressure to get there. We won’t be seeing the 3 step drops as often this year. Let’s see the QB’s hold the ball an extra second and see what happens. We need to find someone who can push the pocket as Ratliff can’t do it. I’m tired of watching him stonewalled and holding his position. Maybe that’s something that Crawford can do in the nickel package. We are a team retooling and it was going to take a few years. We’ve now tied up 2 corners, 3 if you count Scandrick for the next 4-5 years. What’s the upside of this young man Johnson? Unheard of but some think may start mid season or by next year. For those who think the price for Claiborne was too high, share the bottle! We got him for chump change. We traded for Galloway and coughed up 2, 1st round picks. We traded for super duper Roy Williams and his 35 annual receptions for a 1st, 3rd & a 7th. We got the best, the consensus best defensive player on 32 boards for a 2nd round pick. Don’t tell the Rams, but they got fleeced!

  2. The Soothsayer says:

    Dan Graziano is a journalist. He’s not a fan like you, Fanatic. Yeah, I read his stuff, but only for information, not analysis.

    As far as this draft goes, yes, I will concede that Claiborne was the best defensive player available. It’s just that I don’t like trading depth for shooting stars. Besides, the Cowboys had just paid Carr $50 million, so I question the wisdom of trading draft picks for a rookie at the same position. No disrespect, Glenn.

    The simple reality is this. None of these rookies are going to have an impact this season. Claiborne may have been the best press corner in college, but he’s never gone up against an NFL receiver. In two or three years, he may be the best press corner in the NFL. However, that will take some time. This guy is not going to simply run out onto the field and change the game, not this season. He’d have to be able to beat Carr in training camp to do that. And if he does, what would have been the point of paying Carr?

    The rest of this rookie class, we’ll just have to wait and see how they develop. But none of them are going to be game changers this season. They’ll be lucky to get on the field. Hell, they’ll be lucky to make the team.

    I know you, Fanatic. I’ve spoken to you on numerous occasions. You are the proto-typical Cowboys fan. You’re just like my brother, Blue. Every year, he thinks the Cowboys are going to win the Super Bowl. He even praised the drafting of Quincy Carter, for crying out loud. I tried to tell him, look, this guy is a duck flubber.

    I’m not saying that Clairborne was a bad pick. I hope he’s successful and contributes to the team, as I do for all these draft picks. But these guys are all rookies, and rookies do not win championships. The Dirty Dozen didn’t, not in their first year.

    Me, I’m a seasoned fan. I really have seen it all. And I agree with Tom Landry. All you can do is stand on the sideline and suffer.

    In two or three years, maybe these guys will be able to contribute and win a championship. Maybe they won’t. I don’t know. All I want is for the Cowboys to play like men and win. But I don’t always get what I want. So I try to keep it real.

    • Anonymous says:

      Excellent post, and to add to that, when these so called prospects are ready to compete, certainly not this year, The core will be another two or three years older….Dallas window for this core is the next two or three years, has a ton of holes and needed to use this draft to find atleast three instint starters early and came away with ONE, an area they already addressed in free agency..Dallas isn’t one player away…Dallas is getting high marks for one reason, moving up for a top player, the top defensie player in the draft only but corners don’t make a pass rush, a pass rush makes a corner!!..

      Every year these so called experts always give the cowboys good marks and what happens, they end up dismal, 2009 draft comes to mind, the backup and special teams draft, that worked well, how many are left on the roster……or how about the 2008 draft, selecting a change of pace back in the first round in Jones or moving back up to select Jenkins and now four years later using multiple picks to find a replacement for him,, yeah smart GM and talent evaluator there!!

      How about the fact that this team has two second round picks on the roster, two!!! Lee and Carter…or the fact since 1994 and all the draft picks Dallas form the fourth round on, only 7 players became any type of real contributor, yeah DC, make fun of Dan, he certainly doesn’t know what he’s talking about, Dallas under Jerry Jones, Mr flash over substance knows better, laughable!

      Going look really funny with Costa getting run over time and time again this year and Romo running for his life because Jerry signed two STOP gap offensive lone players to help protect him…..and Callahan, a guy nobody in New York could stand, and watching Eli standing back there for ten seconds to find a receiver because Dallas can’t get any pressure once again because lack of a pass rush…what do the Giants know, they only have two Superbowls in recent years because of one reason, they get constant pressure from their front four, just like the cowboys used to do when Jimmy was running the show with Castillo, Lett, Johnson, Tolbert, Haley, Hennings, Maryland…now Dallas has ONE and in Ware and he disappears late in games…..call me very sceptical of this draft…time will tell!..

    • Travis says:

      Man Soothsayer, I really hate reading your posts. They are such a downer to read. Being a real fan is believing in your team every year that this could be the year. I remember having this friend that is a Colts fan….back when they sucked bad. Every season he was like this is the year, I like that kind of loyalty and faith in a team.

      Anyway, you keep bringing up paying $50 mill on Carr. Don’t you see the big picture? If we pay one coner that much we can’t afford much on the other, so drafting a elite corner to play along side of him is great because you are not going to pay a lot for him for the next 4 yrs. so essentially your paying two pro corners for about 30 mill/yr each kinda instead of 50 mill for one? And he isn’t going to replace Carr he is going to replace Jenkins that only has 1 yr left and says he wants out anyway.

      I really would like to see them keep Jenkins and put him in the FS spot where he can help cover slot recievers since he is better in coverage then Scandrick and then have a SS like Sensabaugh or the one we drafted to stay in the box. I know we just gave Scandrick a good payday (stupid move imo) but I think he should just be a backup to the other 3.

      After watching tape on the other guys….I like Crawford, he gets after the QB quite well, we needed a DE that could apply pressure to the pocket. I agree that the LB’s and TE are projects but the WR….he looks like a Wes Welker knock off, not a real athlete just smart- knows how to run routes well and has sure hands. He was real productive in College for being a no name.

      My 2 cents….flame away heh

      • Travis says:

        Duh I didn’t mean 30 mill/yr there heh…you guys know what I meant.

        • The Soothsayer says:

          All I’m saying is that these guys are rookies, and rookies do not win championships.

          Claiborne may become a phenomenal player in a few years. But he’s not going to beat out Carr for a position this year. I don’t believe he could beat out Jenkins. Not that I want Jenkins to hang around, because he is a disgruntled player. But he does have experience covering NFL receivers. Claiborne does not.

          Look, the NFL is a completely different level from college. The players are bigger, stronger, faster, and the schemes are more complex. It takes years for a rookie to develop. That’s why Landry wouldn’t start a rookie unless he absolutely had to.

          What have the Cowboys done this year? Well, they’ve released several players and replaced them with free agents. And they’ve drafted seven rookies. Is that going to win them a championship?

          I don’t know. Neither does anyone else. That’s why they play the game.

          Oh, and has anyone else noticed that all of Jerry’s coaches, from Johnson to Garrett combined, do not have as many wins as Landry? Maybe that’s because Landry knew what he was doing. Not starting rookies and not placing your hopes on them.

          You have to develop football players, and it takes at least two years.

    • Glenn says:

      I totally agree that it will take a year or two for the cream to rise and any of these players to be serious contributors. Still feel we are 2 drafts away from seriously improving this team. Bad drafts take years to recover from, so I’m not thinking that Claiborne or the others are making us more than what we will be. We released the guards from last year and brought in very average guards at best. How will they do in keeping Romo upright? It’s got to take a year or two to develop an O line and some of last years crop. We didn’t really address the middle of the D line. I’m not that high on Ratliff, nor do I think he’d be special if he kicked out to end. He wears down as it is and fails to get a push up the middle. Maybe I’m missing something with him. Didn’t appear to be any great pass rushers out there. Casserly was pounding the table day after day that Bruce Irvin was the best pass rusher in the draft. However, he said the guy won’t hit the filed very often. Weak against the run, under sized, lacks an inside move and red flags off the field too, They must have viewed the class the same way.

      I came into this draft thinking we needed starters from the 1st 3 rounds. I was sad to see that we lost the #2 pick. But getting Claiborne, knowing at most Jenkins was here only 1 more year, likely, was a factor as well. But we now have the potential to be really good on the outside down the road. I’m still seeing them at about 8-8, but wouldn’t mind picking up one or two more wins and getting a shot in the playoffs.

      I’m of the belief that we had a very weak roster, it’s better but still need several new starters and we didn’t replace enough as of yet. Sadly takes time.

  3. GMONEY says:

    The cowboys are very poor in the middle rounds. They don’t get the benefit of the doubt from me anymore. That SS was a huge stretch.

  4. bonnieman42 says:

    Soothsayer, when you talk about Landry not starting rookies are you talking about Tom Landry in the 1960’s building a new team from scratch into championship contenders over the course of the decade, or Tom Landry in 1970’s fine tuning the parts of the well honed machine that he built over time? (Just wondering).

    I’d love to see Jerry’s reaction when Garrett tells him that Claiborne (or any other 1st rounder) needs a couple of seasons before be becomes a starter. Hell, some people are already proclaiming Bruce Carter to be a bust because he hasn’t brushed aside his ACL injury to be an established start by now lol.

  5. bonnieman42 says:

    I don’t believe that Garrett (that’s right Garrett, not Jerry) gave up depth for a shooting star. I believe that he brought in a player who is the perfect fit at a key position in Rob Ryan’s style of defense. As for the wisdom of bringing in a player at a position that has already been “filled” with the signing of Carr, that is taking a very short term outlook. I believe that Claiborne has been brought in to eventually replace Jenkins, who as you say Soothsayer, is disgruntled and will conceivably leave when he becomes a FA – I imagine that this year will be a transitional year with all 3 corners featuring.

    As for the depth in general, Garrett has been consistently drafting players of high character who work hard on and off the field; he’s meticulously following a plan – I believe that drafting Claiborne was taking advantage of an opportunity that was unexpected but by no means unaccounted for. Giving up a second round pick is giving up the opportunity to pick up another player who may or may not pan out, a price well worth paying IMHO for a player who is very likely (there’s no such thing as a dead cert of course) to be a cornerstone of the defense for years to come.

    Jason Garrett has been following a philosophy that he has been consistently preaching since he took over and that’s the way it has to be if he is to have any chance of success. He’s trying to mould a squad of players that fit his philosophy whilst at the same time being successful now – that’s the balancing act that he faces now. I hope and believe he can pull it off but I not taking anything for granted.

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