Romo’s ranking proves Pro Bowl is a fraud

The NFL player were asked again this season to vote for the Top 100 Players and we now have picks 100-91 to check out…

So Tony Romo and his 31 TD’s and 10 INT’s is just slightly better than Tim Tebow and his ‘probably not as good as some high school kids’ game?

What a joke. Even Marshall Faulk is calling bullshit on this one.


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4 Responses to Romo’s ranking proves Pro Bowl is a fraud

  1. I saw this too, DC, what a friggin’ mockery.

    So they are saying that out of 13 QB’s on the list, Tony is at 12? In front of Tebow??? Give me a damn break. Tony is in the top 20 best players in the NFL, period.

    91??? GTFO.

    Tony… Shut these jackasses UP and win the big one !!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Who cares, why does it matter to people where he ends up, on some dumb list!!!!!!!

      The fact is Romo is the the tenth to twelvfth rated quarterback in the league, that’s what he is…Quarterbacks are rated on championships, Romo hasn’t come close to sniffing one, He’s Danny White and like Danny White,Romo will never win a Superbowl, especially after this recent draft selections, a team full of holes and had to come out of this draft with atleast three instint starters, instead came out with one and the rest are nothing but projects and for a team under Jerry Jones as the GM since 1994 from the fourth round on have only drafted 7 players that have had any significant playing time with this team, yup seven, let that number sink in for a while, and you wonder why this team will never win a Superbowl with Jerry running the show, Championship teams are built from the fourth to seventh rounds and Jerry and the Cowboys have been a dimal failure……..and Jerry’s as the GM, the draft it’s all about flash and making news, not substance….

      This team needed pass rushers and offensive inemen and instead got a corner after they just spent 50 million on one…..four years ago, Dallas traded up for Jenkins and now four years later used two more picks to get his replacement, and Jenkins now wants out, so that works out to be four picks for one player, horrible drafting plan!!! Pittsburgh drafting plan is a real plan, they addessed areas, offensive line and defensive line.

      • LOL… You are completely wrong about them rating the TOP 100 players on “championships”. This list has nothing to do with it and you are going off on a completely different tangent with your post talking about the draft. This is an INDIVIDUAL accomplishment as seen by other players in the league. And why do I or anyone else care? Because it’s football and we can… Why did YOU care to respond?

        But in your “theory” on why he shouldn’t be higher on the top 100 because of his lack of championships I’m going to prove you wrong…

        Out of the 13 QB’s (6) of them have super bowl rings. (If I did not misunderstand what NFLN said). That leaves 7 QB’s without a ring. Now I’m going to guess that Phillip Rivers, Matt Ryan, Mike Vick, and Cam Newton are 4 of those 6. Absolutely NONE of those should be higher than Romo on this list… AT ALL. Never mind me seeming biased when it comes to the Cowboys because the FACT is Tony Romo is statistically better than any of them.

        As I have stated before here on these blogs…

        If Tony Romo plays for the Baltimore Ravens (with that D that they have) he already has at least 2 rings.

  2. Glenn says:

    This is a popularity contest in large part. Romo, isn’t the most liked as anything he does gets him a spot on the news. How many other players get a segment on NFLN when their wives give birth? Part of being the DC QB! We know how good he is and would like to see him get some props, but so be it. Now I know there’s no reason to watch the rest of this year’s count down. About 10 hours of time, I just saved.

    As for this draft, it may be a very good one. We know we got one stud starter and just because they weren’t the big names in the top 50 or 100, there are always good players to be found. We have addressed the defense on each level, so that was much needed. We still have another 1-2 years of drafts to go to be more competitive as we develop some of these guys. It’s going to be a year for the O line to be put together. Would be nice to keep Jenkins and have solid CB’s. Is this 4th rounder going to be able to take over for Spencer? Does the safety have a shot at starting in a year, same for the 3rd rounder. If these guys contribute the team will be developing. Will Arkin, Nagy or Kowalski step up and round out the O line? Good things coming but we’re still a year or 2 away!

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