Mike Jenkins asked the Cowboys to trade him

As most Cowboys were rejoicing that the Cowboys had made a trade for the 6th overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft so they could take CB Mo Claiborne from LSU it seems Mike Jenkins and his camp were telling Jerry and Stephen Jones that he wants out…

Someone sent me this on Friday, but until I was sure it came from a legit Mike Jenkins Facebook page I didn’t want to blog about it.

So instead of trying to earn a big time role for the Cowboys by out playing Orlando Scandrick in training camp he would rather just quit before the competition gets too hectic and go somewhere else.

Fits his M.O. because we have seen Jenkins quit on the Cowboys a few times already.

Go look for a trade partner now. I would rather take a 5th rounder now than have him moping around all season with a shitty attitude and looking to be traded every week.


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12 Responses to Mike Jenkins asked the Cowboys to trade him

  1. JLL says:

    The player in the first video is wearing #31. Did he change his number to 21 later? Or did the commentators confuse him with someone else

  2. Anonymous says:

    That’s not fair to say that DC. We all know claiborne and carr is going to start. Scandrick is getting paid like a starter. Jenkins was the odd man out since we signed carr. Which he shouldn’t scandrick should be the odd man out in my opinion. Jenkins was the best corner last year and he put his body on the line. So I understand his frustration. I dont like it either I want him here over scandrick but that is the price we got to pay for paying scandrick and sensabaugh. Its a business he is not getting a contract here so he wants to be trade. I don’t want him moping around either it would bring the whole team down.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Listen to what you are saying. They want our number 1 corner last year to compete for the 3rd or 4th spot when he can go start on another team. Yeah I think I would want a trade to. He is clely not getting a contract here. When he is better than scandrick. There will not be a competition carr and claiborne start. Listen to what jg, jj, sj say there will be a place for him like he gets a special package like tebow. Scandrick will stay in the slot. Jenkins would play the alan ball role. When that should be scandrick. If jenkins wasn’t better than scandrick I would trade him but without jenkins there really is no depth. We would have two good corners and an overpaid average to bad corner. So we need jenkins.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Way to go Dc kick a man while he’s down. Seriously, Jenkins is a better corner than Scandrick and he’s about on par with Brandon Carr as being really good corners but not a #1 type corner. You want Jenkins to come to camp being the 4th highest paid corner on the team on the last year of his deal and risk injury before he can cash in on a new deal. So what happens if this guy tears up his knee in training camp? Jerry will just cut him and Jenkins is ass out. And you know Jerry already has his starters at corner there will get be no legit competition and Jenkins knows that and you do to DC.

  5. lostar2009 says:

    One in rex ryan D EVERYBODY GET PLAYING TIME!!!! I wish MJ could be a pro about this. Go into 2012 and play lights out!!! Get your chips up and go into FA in 2013 and cash out…

    Just dont B##ch and cry like you been a pro bowler since you played here. If MJ didnt have that good season like he had in 2011 i doubt there would be nothing for him ti discuss..

    Earn your keep dont play when you feel like bc JJ dont pay you when he feel like.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Of course he gets a injury settlement but what’s a couple of hundred thousand for a injury settlement when he stands to make millions on a new team and start. Jenkins has no future with this team if he did Jerry would’ve payed him like he did scandrick and carr.

  7. CuttyCain says:

    Jenkins at one point in 09 was my favorite player on the Cowoys. We need Jenkins. We need 3 top notch corners to be a true contender. Scandrick is no way near top notch.

  8. Anonymous says:

    MJ and Scandrick and MO need to compete to see who starts on the left side and who starts in the slot…..Scandrick is NOT better than Jenks but he’s tougher and will hit you….Jenks still makes alot of business decisions because he wants to make it to his 2nd contract and be a millionaire so he can showboat his wealth like most of the other millionaire CBs in this league…..just saying..

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