Adrian Hamilton on DCFanatic Radio – Monday at 10pm Eastern

Just confirmed Adrian Hamilton as a live guest with me and Rafael Vela on tomorrow night’s edition of DCFanatic Radio at 10:00pm Eastern.

For those asking who is Adrian Hamilton I give you this…

That’s some wow factor from Adrian folks.

The Cowboys had to battle nine other NFL teams to sign him to a rookie free agent deal but they got him and he’s ready to help the 2012 Cowboys defense dominate.

Tune in tomorrow night to DCFanatic Radio going live at 10:00pm Eastern.

Here are some other rookie free agents the Cowboys are signing…

WR Cole Beasley, SMU
CB Lionel Smith, Texas A&M
ILB Aston Whiteside, Abilene Christian
OT Taylor Dever, Notre Dame
TE George Bryan, N.C. State
CB Isaac Madison, Arkansas
TE Andrew Szcrerba, Penn State
RB Darrell Scott, South Florida
RB Lance Dunbar, North Texas
G/T Ronald Leary, Memphis
OT Levy Adcock, Oklahoma State
CB Troy Woolford, Michigan
DE Adrian Hamilton, Prairie View A&M


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3 Responses to Adrian Hamilton on DCFanatic Radio – Monday at 10pm Eastern

  1. Archie "Chia" says:

    wow, awesome DC!
    cannot wait to listen to this

    I really wanted this kid after I saw Raf and Wes talking about him. What worries me is that he may take time and the Cowboys get greedy and try keeping him off the 53 and on the PS. Keep this kid on the roster, let him be a pass rusher on certain downs and develop him.

    I love his upside, could be a beast in the making

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great snag DC! I’m really looking forward to this and am pulling for the dude.
    He’s one of picks I’m most excited of. I think this draft has been great.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I hope he can come in and contribute I remember we were all hyped up about Jason Williams too and he never paned out. I hope the Cowboys give this guy a opportunity to develop.

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