The Cowboys add seven draft picks to the mix

Here are the six 2012 draft picks for the Dallas Cowboys.

Star. Superstar. Game Changer. Shutdown CB. All that and a bag of chips son.

We wanted a DE prospect who could finally provide some pass rush and disruption ability from that spot. This kid has shown the ability to do this at Boise State with 13.5 sacks and 27 TFL’s over the last two seasons.

Pass rusher from the OLB spot. Not ready to take over for Anthony Spencer yet, but in time he can win that job. Has a nice first step which is key for that role.

Strong Safety who is more athletic specimen than he is good football player right now. Came back from injury and showed good speed at his Pro Day. Don’t look for him to start anytime soon, but he should be a special teams player now.

Slot WR. Really like this kid because he was very productive in college. I wanted a third WR who had already learned the slot position and had produced there in college. This is the guy. Not a wow player which is why he’s in the 5th round, but every play in a game isn’t a wow play folks.

They needed to draft a TE for depth. You are goiong to hear that he’s very athletic and can get downfield. Problem with that is that he was inconsistent in college. Think depth, but do not think next Antonio Gates.

Ran a 4.97 at the combine so that’s why he’s drafted as opposed to undrafted rookie free agent. Special teams is probably his max for an NFL career.


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3 Responses to The Cowboys add seven draft picks to the mix

  1. The Soothsayer says:

    It’s a long way to September, my good friend, and an even longer way to February.

    I’ve always said it takes at least two years to evaluate a draft. Hell, it took the Dirty Dozen, the best draft ever, two years to win the Super Bowl. But they did win.

    A lot is going to happen over the next few months. There will be meetings, OTAs, training camp, maybe even a few walk-on undrafted free agents, the pre-season, and don’t put it past Jerry Jones to make a trade or two. The final 53, and the practice squad, is far from settled at this point.

    These seven guys haven’t even made the roster yet, and none of them have ever played a down in the NFL. So we’ll just have to wait and see how they develop, and that will take some time.

    I’ve been watching the Dallas Cowboys play football all of my life, since I was a baby in 1961. I’ve seen it all. And I’m telling you, I’m assuring you, that Cowboys fans are nuts.

    Dallas could be 0-5, win one game, and it’s “We’re going to the Super Bowl!” Or Dallas could be 10-0, lose one game, and it’s the end of the world. That’s the way it’s been all of my life. You really have to laugh, because it’s so predictable.

    The first time I got together with my old friends from, when we were trying to decide which game we wanted to go to, they kept saying, “We want to go to a game we can win.” And I kept telling them, “You’re not going to a victory. You’re going to a game.” We chose the undefeated Cowboys against the undefeated Patriots, the best game available. The Cowboys lost, naturally. My friends were really pissed. I just laughed. The same thing happened the next year. Finally, in the third year, the Cowboys won. My friends were all jumping up and down, saying “We are not cursed!” Ha ha ha. Did the Cowboys win in the playoffs that year? No. This is what I’m talking about.

    It’s going to be a long season. There will be adversity and controversy. This is football. All I know is that you cannot evaluate a rookie class for at least two years.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Matt Johnson is fascinating, he was all over, first to recognize and react, wrap up tackler, SS but singled up against receivers on spread… sure those were highlights but the video was so damn long, awesome. enthusiasm is tempered because of the small school tag, but he was best player on the field and the measureables translate…

  3. waus says:

    I’m hopeful that the Cowboys found some good players in the draft.

    However, my optimism is tempered by the perception that for every Sean Lee the team drafts, they seem to pick about a dozen Skyler Green’s.

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