Sixteen players to watch for on Saturday

We have five more picks to go for the Cowboys over the next four rounds which will take place on Saturday. They have picks #113, #135, #152, #186 and #222.

Here’s sixteen players the Cowboys could have their eyes on come Saturday.

1. Ben Jones – Center – Georgia

The idea of going into training camp with Phil Costa as the favorite to win the Center job for the 2012 season makes me sick. Jones isn’t a mauler at 303lbs, but he’s got experience against some very good defensive linemen in the SEC.

2. Philip Blake – Center – Baylor

No Costa. Blake is a big mauler type at 313lbs who had a workout with Cowboys offensive line coach Bill Callahan back in March.

3. Josh Chapman – Nose Tackle – Alabama

Chapman holds his ground in the middle. He was praised time and time again by his fellow teammates at Alabama as being the reason their defense was so stout against the run. Imagine him being a major factor in short yardage situations.

4. Jared Crick – Defensive End – Nebraska

No one said the Cowboys couldn’t use another young DE to go along with Tyrone Crawford.

5. Jerry Franklin – Inside Linebacker – Arkansas

For some reason the Cowboys brought in a few ILB’s to interview prior to the draft and Franklin was one of them. All this ‘look see’ stuff with the ILB’s is not telling me great things about Bruce Carter’s development.

6.Joe Adams – Wide Receiver – Arkansas

Adams is a dynamic punt returner and can become a viable slot WR in the NFL. Not the biggest guy at 5’11 179lbs, but he’s so quick he doesn’t take big hits. And we all Jerry loves to check out the players at Arkansas.

7. Chris Givens – Wide Receiver – Wake Forest

Perfect slot WR type who has great speed. Has limited special teams experience.

8. Orson Charles – Tight End – Georgia

Had a DWI in February but he’s a guy that could become a threat opposite Witten as the other TE. Kinda like a 250lb WR who knows how to get open.

9. DJ Campbell – Free Safety – California

One of the true Free Safeties in this draft. Came to Valley Ranch for a visit so you kbow the Cowboys are interested in his game.

10. Ronnell Lewis – Outside Linebacker – Oklahoma

He won’t make the Cowboys trade Anthony Spencer tomorrow, but in time he could provide some pass rush from the OLB spot. Will definitely be a good special teams player. He visited the Cowboys a few weeks ago.

11. Joe Looney – Guard – Wake Forest

Big strong kid who has flashed at times but his over aggressiveness has hurt him. Cowboys may think Callahan could refine him and turn him into a starter. Visited the Cowboys last month.

12. Kyle Wilber – Outside Linebacker – Wake Forest

A project OLB who has great size and athleticism. The Cowboys brought him in for a visit and maybe they think he’s a special teamer first and then see him developing into a starting OLB in time.

13. Matt Johnson – Safety – Eastern Washington

Late round kid who will be a special teamer for most part. Good size at 6’1, 212lbs. More of a Strong Safety and may only be a backup in his career. Another kid who came for a visit so you know the Cowboys are watching him.

14. Josh Norman – Cornerback – Coastal Carolina

The Cowboys are saying they probably will not look for any more CB’s, but if he’s still on the board and they have him rated high enough based on his visit he could be the pick. Ran a 4.6 and maybe that’s a sign he should be ok with NFL teams looking to move him to Free Safety.

15. Chris Greenwood – Cornerback – Albion

Speed kills. The Cowboys brought him to Valley Ranch and they also visited him. They made the big splash with Claiborne, but you never have enough fast CB’s.

16. Ronald Leary – Guard – Memphis

The Cowboys worked him out down in Memphis. Then he also visited the team in April. A mauler who could find his way into the competition for the open Guard job.


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6 Responses to Sixteen players to watch for on Saturday

  1. DaBoogityMan says:

    Some very intriguing players there DC. Some I havent even thought of & even a couple I havent even heard of. Thanks for the info!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Im happy we landed Claiborne — outside of that — its been a project draft. Story of the Dallas Cowboys!

  3. The Soothsayer says:

    Exactly, after Caiborne, who took two picks to get, it’s been a project draft. Most of these taken in the late rounds, if they make the team, will probably end up on the practice squad or on special teams.

    The reason why I didn’t like the Claiborne pick was because I don’t think trading up is a good idea, unless it’s for a truly phenomenal player. Claiborne may turn out to be one, but it’s going to take him a few years to develop. My basic philosophy is to hold your position and draft your board, take the best player available.

    Dallas had the opportunity in this draft to address areas of serious need and improve the team. We won’t know if they did that for probably three years. In the meantime, I’m not so sure the 2012 Cowboys will be that much different than the 2011 Cowboys. But I could be wrong.

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