DCFanatic Radio – Live at 11:00pm tonight!

Update: We are going live at 11pm Eastern to recap the pick which is coming up shortly..

DCFanatic Radio – Third Round pick recap

Talk to you then.

Tyrone Crawford is the pick from Boise State.

We got a DE and he some ability. Not sure he will be starting over Spears or Coleman, but he probably has more pass rush ability.

We go live at 8:00pm Easterm to follow the 2nd round and 3rd round of this draft. So far it looks like the Cowboys will stay out of round two and be on the clock at the 81st pick in this draft.

DCFanatic Radio – Round 2 and 3 coverage

The live chat room is open now and will stay open for both rounds – Go here.

Got some great audio lined up tonight too. Stephen Jones had some interesting comments today.


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One Response to DCFanatic Radio – Live at 11:00pm tonight!

  1. DaBoogityMan says:

    I hope the scouts saw better things from this guy than I did (Im sure they did). Based on that clip, hes not even close to being a 5T DE in the NFL. I guess I shouldnt assume that based on a 3 minute clip though.

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