The 2012 NFL Draft is finally here!

Just going to have this one blog entry for today. Pretty sure everyone is following the coverage on TV.

Right now all signs say Cowboys have four on their list: Barron, Cox, Brockers and DeCastro. The name Cordy Glenn is coming up but that is probably if they trade down.

We go live on DCFanatic Radio tonight at 9:30pm Eastern.

DCFanatic Radio Live Draft Show

We are starting at that time to hopefully give us a nice window around the Cowboys pick. The show is scheduled for two hours. If the Cowboys get crazy and trade down out of this live show window we have a contingency plan. There will be a link below this if we come to that. That plan also goes for a scenario if the Cowboys wind up trading back into the late first round for a second player. We have it all covered people.

Happy Draft Day Everyone!


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Love the Dallas Cowboys.
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2 Responses to The 2012 NFL Draft is finally here!

  1. waus says:

    I’m ready for the draft. I have a 12-pack and an abundance of onion dip and chips. Let’s go Cowboys!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good move by the Cowboys to get the best DB!

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