Dukes: Romo can’t carry the Cowboys

Here’s Jamie Dukes with his thoughts on Cowboys heading into the 2012 draft..d

Please get into the playoffs and light it up Romo so this clown shuts his face.


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One Response to Dukes: Romo can’t carry the Cowboys

  1. Glenn says:

    In part he’s correct, Tony can’t carry a weak team such as last year. When your QB has a 3 to 1 TD to Int ratio and a 102 QB rating, it highlights other numerous weaknesses with your team. If those numbers alone can’t carry your team, look at everything else. Amazing that he threw for 31 TD’s for a team with virtually zero balance in the running game. Only 5 rushing TD’s on the year and Romo had one of them. Other than his rushing TD, we didn’t have one by a running back for at least 5-6 games at years end. That’s the time that the weather says you have to be able to run the ball. Small wonder that we were 1-4 down the stretch. When you hand your defense double digit leads 2-3 times and hold none of them there are problems. We suffer on defense enormously in the 4th quarter and the O line struggles were considerable last year with Romo having been sacked 36 times, 2 broken ribs and a mashed throwing hand in weak 16. Hard to carry all that dead weight. Yes he needs to be better in the post season but other than 07, this wasn’t a really strong team. He was pressured heavily by the Giants in 07 and devoured by the Vikings the next time out in 09.

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