Watkins and TMac give us a draft special

Here’s Calvin Watkins and TMac with a draft edition of The Boys…

There really is that possibility the Cowboys trade back and then take a CB like Kirkpatrick or Gilmore. Hope not, but we’ll see on Thursday.


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3 Responses to Watkins and TMac give us a draft special

  1. Glenn says:

    Sorry but they don’t impress me with their analysis! You and I could have come up with what they said ,,,,,,

  2. Juz Sayin says:

    What”s the real differents between Barron & Kirkpatrick? same height, same speed ,both can cover big WR/TE “s okay one is a little bigger but both can bring the wood!

    • Glenn says:

      From what analysis I’ve heard from Mayock, etc is that Barron is more of a hitter by far than Kirkpatrick. Dre has more speed than Barron. Coverage wise Kirkpatrick is far better. Actually not a lot of tape on Barron in coverage according to Broaddus and Mayock. Both good picks at their respective positions but not that much alike. At Alabama the CB’s handled coverage, Barron controlled the box.

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