Terence Newman wants ‘punks’ to unfollow him

Terence Newman is the latest in a long list of pro sports athletes who let one or two fans on Twitter get under their skin and turn them into an internet thug…

No need to tell you who the fan was that got Newman to react in this manner because he’s just like a million other fans out there who get on Twitter and let her rip.

The issue here is that there is only one Terence Newman who played football for the Dallas Cowboys. This is the thing the athletes are seemingly not understanding when these things happen.

Whatever the fan said and no matter how harsh it was it’s just some nonsense getting tossed around as throw away comments. Usually the fan has less than 300 followers and the only people paying attention are his friends and family.

But the audience Terence Newman is speaking to is much more wide ranging and more important to his image as a professional football player for the National Football League.

No one wants to be told they suck. No one. So we all get the emotion behind Newman and other athletes wanting to strike back at the fans. But in those times all he or she has to do is look around at how lucky they are to be playing sports while earning a living. And usually a very good living.

Terence Newman was not the worst football player in the NFL last season, but he struggled badly and hurt the Cowboys chances of winning two crucial games vs the Giants. Because of that some fans find it necessary to vent their frustration at him.
Completely understandable and I have been one of those fans doing just that on many occasions.

Does this mean I hate Newman on a personal level? Of course not. It means we as fans are pissed that #41 for the Cowboys is playing bad football. That’s all there is to the story.

On a much smaller level I understand both sides of this thing. I get people coming to this blog all the time to tell me I suck. When I first started doing this I reacted to just about every single one of those people.

Now after eight years of doing this I just laugh at the comments. They are attacking DCFanatic, not Brian Gallagher. I could walk by all of these people and they would have no idea DCFanatic just walked by them. From time to time I go back and forth with a fan and trust me it’s much more fun than agitating to me.

Terence Newman unfortunately doesn’t have that luxury. But he can do what I do and that is to just know that there are plenty of people who still love him for all the times he did play well while helping the Cowboys win games since 2003.

Newman going to the Bengals was a classic case of a player needing to move on to a new environment. And most Cowboys fans are wishing him all the luck in the world in Cincinnati. He will always be a part of the Dallas Cowboys family.

It’s always about the uniform more than it is the guy inside of it. He made #41 look bad for a little while and hopefully a new player comes around and makes that number look good in the future.


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5 Responses to Terence Newman wants ‘punks’ to unfollow him

  1. Ah Dream says:

    Speaking of Corners it seems more than likely Janoris Jenkins will be there at 45,what will the Boys do ,juz thinking Mark Barron,Brandon Carr,Janoris Jenkins against The G Men

    • Anonymous says:

      I like Janoris but the thought of Janoris and Dez as teammates on a boring Saturday night, possibly getting together to hit a club or mall up TERRIFIES me.
      Like literally, shaking-in-my-boots frightens me.

  2. lostar2009 says:

    I hate to be the negative guy but F%%%% TNew !!!

    This guy was a bum… and probably was a bum teammate..

    I remember this guy starting a fight with Campo on the side line on national tv plus him and sensi getting into also.. i just remember JRAT looking like he was ready to knock the snot outta tnew after the guy got hurdle for the 3 rd time in a game.. yea like sucks but hey it is what it is..

    Tnew has a bad attitude it been like that for years.. all i can say im glad we play this guy this season bc we gonna target him all game..

  3. Anonymous says:

    I understand Newman’s point of view. I mean just read the comment of above. Newman is not a bum. He just got old like everyone else does in the game. I just don’t understand why Newman and other players get on twitter. They have to understand negative comments are going to come their way. It’s the way things are now.

    • lostar2009 says:

      Yea defend the guy if you wish.. but my point is this guy has a anger issue about ppl telling him about himself .. i made 2 prime examples when the guy got into with his coach and team mates im public !!!!!

      Tnew never been any good in my eyes.. A former 4 th round pick that went to a pro bowl as an alternate.. ha!!!!!

      I really do believe this guy is the reason why i secondary suck so bad. Why Campo message never really was heard.. one bad apple spoils the bunch.

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