Blackmon, Floyd or Dez: Who ya got?

If you are building an NFL team and you get to choose Justin Blackmon, Michael Floyd or Dez Bryant which player are you choosing…

Blackmon. Dez. Floyd. That’s how I see it. If Dez had not seen any of these little issues popping up over the last two years I still go with Blackmon. He’s a smarter football player. Not sure Floyd has the quickness to be elite in the NFL.


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4 Responses to Blackmon, Floyd or Dez: Who ya got?

  1. No Excuse says:

    If the Boys go BPA then Micheal Floyd may be our pick if Barron,Cox,Castro are gone we do need a 3rd WR.

    • cowboyfan45 says:

      Dallas isn’t taking a number three wide receiver in the first round, especially a receiver with a drinking problem….The pick will probably be either Decastro, Barron or Cox

      Blackmon will be a better pro than Dez, more mature, and has a work ethic to be better and to succeed, ala Michael Irvin, Dez missing that in his makeup..Dez is a more of a Diva wanna be, three years and still doesn’t know the playbook, where to lineup and disappears in second half of games, bigtime receivers make their presence felt in games when they need to be, Dez doesn’t

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