Ware: “We (Cowboys Defense) were really good last year”

DeMarcus Ware sat down to talk football and Depends with The Shutdown Corner recently, read here.

SC: Moving from Wade Phillips to Rob Ryan as your defensive coordinator … what are the differences there? Based on tape, it seems that Ryan is a little more creative — he’ll run every possible front and try to mess with the heads of the opponents.
DW: Both of them are great coaches, and they know exactly what they’re doing in their defenses. [Phillips] runs more of a conventional attack defense; a zone pressure defense. [Ryan] is more of a disguised coverage, but still pressure-type of defense. You’re getting your bang for the buck with both defenses, but it’s how you want to play. People say that the coaches make the defense, but the players make the defense. Each one of those defenses … Houston was really good last year, and we were really good last year. There’s just always room for improvement.

SC: Well, I haven’t seen anyone in this class with your ‘dip-and-rip,’ so you’re pretty safe there. But who do you like this year? Who stands out to you?
DW: I like Andre Branch from Clemson, number 40. Melvin Ingram from South Carolina. These guys — as pass rushers, they’re not little. They’re big guys, but they’re really quick, so there are some bigger rushers coming out this year.

Delirious. There is no other way to describe his comments about the Cowboys defense being good last season. They were horrible.


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4 Responses to Ware: “We (Cowboys Defense) were really good last year”

  1. No Excuse says:

    Iam gone agree with Mel Kiper If you get Mark Barron 1st by hook or by crook & then get Alan Branch thats a draft grade of an A right there with just the 1st two rds then add a CB (Hayward/J.Robinson/Flemming) put that with Ware,Carr & Lee WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. lostar2009 says:

    Dallas D cant apply pressure and there secondary is over price and average.. Sounds like a bad D to me.

  3. CuttyCain says:

    Demarcus was right they were good…………good in terrible!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Dc They were good until that 1st game Eagles game and then everything went down hill. I was very impressed how they played in the New England Game. Even though they lost I thought that was the best game the defense played all season.

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