Brockers talks NFL draft on NFL 32

Here’s a good look at Michael Brockers from LSU…

Athletic monster for sure. If can develop a pass rush skill set he can become a dominant player in any defense. The Cowboys would start him immediately at DE in place of Spears or Coleman because he’s already better than both of them.


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9 Responses to Brockers talks NFL draft on NFL 32

  1. NU Mock says:

    Oh well i guess he is the pick but i want Barron& if i was Bigg Rob i would ask Jerry ,Jason or who ever to trade up & be sure

  2. CuttyCain says:

    DC I’m shocked you’re not a Barron guy. We will regret not drafting him.

    • Would you draft Earl Thomas, Eric Berry or Mark Barron if all three were on the board for the Cowboys?

      Barron would be third in all drafts. He’s just the #1 Safety this year. He’s not a great Safety and he not a guy who played a lot of Centerfield in college. That’s the type of Safety the Cowboys want to find.

      I think Harrison Smith is a better value in the second round for the Cowboys. Take the DE in round one and get a starter from that pick. Either that or DeCastro.

      I am not sold that Barron would beat out Pool or Sensabaugh for a starting job in 2012 with Rob Ryan as the Defensive Coordinator.

      • CuttyCain says:

        Come on DC of course he is an upgrade over Poole and Sensabaugh. Sensabaugh can play both free and strong safety. DC I think you need to read Charley Casserly’s article the other day. Casserly said Barron is not better than Berry but he’s better than Earl Thomas, Donte Whitner, Adrian Wilson and also the late Sean Taylor. This draft is deep with d lineman, why not draft your next Darren Woodson in a weak safety class. By the way you do a great job with the website I’m on here more than I am

      • CuttyCain says:

        I’ll give you one better. He was the vocal leader of the defense of the national champions. He put every one in position to make plays. The man had 7 interceptions his sophomore year. That doesn’t sound like Roy Williams at all, it actually sounds a little bit more like Darren Woodson. We need as many leaders on this team as we can get. Barron will start immediately if he’s drafted.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well Brockers sounds like he’s getting alot of attention from the Eagles camp. I’m telling you the Eagles and that Fat Andy Reid will make sure they make their selection before Dallas will. Arizona will help them out and Philly will end up drafting Brockers.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This draft is gonna be so unpredictable this year, I honestly have no idea what Jerry is gonna do I usually have 2 or 3 guys I can narrow it down to by draft day, but I can see Dallas going in so many directions at 14 I still feel like Jerry will do some wheelin n dealin when he gets on the clock. I just don’t see him staying pat at 14.

  5. Travis says:

    I am not sold on Barron either, I wouldn’t be mad if we took him at #14. But I would rather us get one of the other stud D-lineman or Decastro. Could anyone tell me if there is any up and coming Safeties that will enter the draft next year? Because I think we could hold over 1 yr with poole and get a replacement next year?

    • CuttyCain says:

      Safety class is even weaker next year. We gotta be smart Travis. We can get a stud lineman in the second and third rounds this draft it’s that deep bro.

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