Austin clears up ‘preparation’ statement

Miles Austin says he was ready to start last season, but he will be better prepared this season, read here.

“What I meant to say is that I felt prepared. I felt prepared, but what I’m doing now with (strength and conditioning coach Mike) Woicik and our team is different than what I was doing,” Austin said Thursday night at Lone Star Park, where he attended the Stars of Texas fundraiser for diabetes research. “I’m confident in what we’re doing now. I feel good. I’m working out every day. I mean, I was working out every day before, but now I’m working out with our strength coaches.”

Asked if he was concerned that the hamstring issues could be chronic, Austin said, “I’m working very hard.”

It would seem as if Austin has as much to prove this season as anybody on the Cowboys’ roster.

“I always have,” Austin said. “I’m trying to make the team every year. That’s the approach that I go with, to be honest. …

“Everything you have to earn anyway. It’s not a mentality. I feel like it’s a lifestyle and a reality.”

Like I said in the original post last week about the statements. He just feels like he will be better prepared now that he can workout at Valley Ranch with the team.


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