So then what was message the other years Jason?

Jason Witten spoke to some of the Dallas media today…

When the question came up about Romo opting not to try out for the US Open sending a message to the rest of the team I believe Jason Witten made a huge error.

If he is sending a message to the team by not doing it this season then what was the message he was sending in the prior seasons when he did try out?

Every year is the same. And Romo wasn’t trying to send any message. I am sure him not trying out has a heck of a lot more to do with him now having a baby than it does with sending some message to the rest of the team.

Jason did get it right though when he said that it’s time for the team to just start playing better and finding ways to win games.


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3 Responses to So then what was message the other years Jason?

  1. The Soothsayer says:

    If you cannot score on defense, I don’t consider it a sport. Whack-a-ball is just a game. Baseball, golf, tennis, whatever. If you cannot score on defense, it’s not a sport. It’s just a game.

    You might as well play croquet, for all that it matters.

    What these Cowboys need is a defense. Otherwise, the quarterback, whoever he is, will never be anything other than just another guy who couldn’t win. So go play whack-a-ball.

    Defense wins championships. Just ask the New York Football Giants. Eli Manning did not win those Super Bowls. He made a couple of plays here and there, I’ll give him credit for that, along with the other guys who made those plays happen. But it was the defense who won.

    I am not all that confident in Rob Ryan, or Jason Garrett for that matter. And I still believe that Jerry Jones is an idiot who does not know how to build a football team or hire a coaching staff. In the early 90s, yeah, sure. But since then, no.

  2. Glenn says:

    Always hard to answer some questions without raising other issues. Personally I was a professional bowler until my first son was born. No one asked, but I put the arsenal away and never bowled competitively again. Just a choice. Life changes and the division of time changes and its quite possibly that’s what happened for Tony. He has to find time for his bride and now his young baby. Golf is a little down the pipeline for him now. Football is his profession and passion, all good!

  3. eb says:

    This stuff with Romo and Golf has to stop, its a hobby he’s good at now. But his profession is quarterback, he will be ready this season, the line has to protect him, he can’t do it all himself. People need to get off this Romo is not focused crap,enough already complain about something else like our line needs to protect the quarterback and make holes for our RB’s.

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