NFC Power Rankings – Apr 18

NFC Power Rankings from the guys at First Take this morning…

Hate the Giants but you cant leave them out of top five. I put them second behind the Packers.


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One Response to NFC Power Rankings – Apr 18

  1. The Soothsayer says:

    I hate the Giants too, but I respect them. It’s not the same hatred I feel for the Redskins or the Eagles. I hate them but don’t respect them. There’s the difference.

    It’s always been about playing against New York. Always, since the very beginning. Any Cowboys fan who does not understand that is not a Cowboys fan.

    This is why, if I go to game this year, it will be the home game against the Giants on Oct. 28.

    Win or lose, win or lose. The Giants have never lost a game at Jerry World. This is why the game against New York is the most important. It has always been about playing and beating the Giants.

    Since I am now boycotting Jerry World for the rest of my life, I’ll probably just check into the hotel and watch the game on TV. I hate the Giants, but I respect them. I hate Jerry Jones, and I do not respect him. That man has done more to destroy the Dallas Cowboys than any other. So, if I do drive to Dallas, it will only be to check into a hotel with a bar and a big srceen TV. But Jerry World is out of the question.

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