CBS Sports – Names to know in the draft

CBS Sports helps us remember there is more than one round in the NFL Draft…

Of course all of these guys should be on the Cowboys radar next week.


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2 Responses to CBS Sports – Names to know in the draft

  1. The Soothsayer says:

    I’m not like you, Fanatic. I don’t pay much attention to college football, unless UT or TCU is playing in a championship game. You have to know that I attended and graduated from UT, but I never went to a UT game. Never. The only football games I have ever seen were Cowboys games. Well, except for that year I read the Art of War to my high school students and motivated them to a bi-district championship.

    At district they were behind at the half, and they wanted me to give them some speech. I told them, hey, I said everything I needed to say before the game. You either want to win or you don’t. They went out and won.

    I will never forget that night. I walked into the locker room after the game. They were all sitting quitely. I said, “Congulations, men, you’re district champions.” And they all got up and gave me a group hug. Suddenly, I’m covered in blood, sweat and tears. I kept saying, “Guys, guys. Do you have any idea how much this suit costs?” It didn’t matter then, and it doesn’t matter now.

    Would it were the same for the Dallas Cowboys. I don’t care who they draft or sign. I just want them to play like men. Win football games. That’s all that really matters. And read the Art of War, if it helps.

  2. chris says:

    loved it . where did u find it and is there more of this coverage? also, i do like trumaine johnson a gr8 deal . this kid i think is a super sleeper pick in like the 4th rd

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