What is this “America’s Parking Lot” movie about?

Why I’m glad you asked. Some of the best movies out today and in the last few years in my opinion have been small budget Documentaries.

The other day Skin Wade from Ben and Skin hits me on Twitter tells me he saw this great documentary about the Cowboys Tailgating tradition which was playing at the SXSW Movie Festival in Austin, read here.

Need you to do two things for me to help this project out a little.

First watch this…

What a cool idea and I know you want to see the film now because you are Cowboys fans.

To help get the movie released and finalized so it can go into rotation around the country on a larger scale they need a little help.

So go to this link and find out how you can see the movie online – Go Now!

If you can’t go for the $15 that’s fine you can throw them a few dollars. Even if you can’t help with money please help by spreading the word about the film.

These small independent films are now the lifeblood of the movie industry if you ask me. These are the films where real people show up and that’s where heart and soul can be found folks.

These guys in the film are big time Cowboys fans. Let’s help them get their big break on this one. Thanks guys.


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One Response to What is this “America’s Parking Lot” movie about?

  1. The Soothsayer says:

    Yeah, the tailgaiters at Texas Stadium were extreme. And that parking lot was always packed.

    Some of those guys would buy 4 spaces, park a RV with a big screen TV on the side, set up a tarp for shade, and start barbequing. They didn’t even go inside to watch the game! No, they would just sit ouside and watch the game on TV. The parking lot was the thing. It was a Texas tradition.

    It’s funny, but back in 06 when I bought my silver suit, blue silk tie and fedora, the first time I went to Texas Stadium and walked the parking lot, hundreds and hundreds of people asked me to pose for pictures with them. It was surreal. I never expected anything like that, but it happened every time. I even made the highlights on the NFLN replay of the Indianapolis game that year. Yep, a cameraman from NFL Films asked me to pose by the bronze statue of Tom Landry. The Cowboys won, improbably beat the undeafeted Colts, and there I am on NFL Films, in a suit and fedora, posed beside the statue of Tom Landry. It’s for 5 seconds before the 30-minute break on the replay.

    So when my friends from DC.com all came to Dallas to see a game the next year, I told them you need to prepare yourself psychologically for what’s going to happen when you walk the parking lot with me. They all thought I was joking, but I wasn’t. I kept telling them, look, when you walk the parking lot with me, don’t be surprised. Sure enough, hundreds and hundreds of people came running up and asking me to pose for pictures. The band at the Corral Club introduced me to the crowd as The Ghost of Tom Landry and invited me up on the stage. My friends freaked. I just shrugged and said, told you.

    That’s what made the stadium experience so special at Texas Stadium, for me anyway. It was the parking lot and all these insane fans.

    You can’t do that at Jerry World. No, he only allows tailgaiting along the perimeter of the parking lot, next to the grass. The rest of the parking lot is nothing but a bunch of empty cars. No fun walking through that.

    Yeah, they demolished Texas Stadium, sad to say, and opened Jerry World, without the parking lot. This is one of the reasons why I’m boycotting Jerry World from now on. It’s just not the same, exciting stadium experience. I’ve been there twice. It’s rather extravagant, but oh so boring. Besides, Jerry hasn’t fielded a championship team in what is it 16 years.

    No parking lot–there is a parking lot full of empty cars, but it’s not THE parking lot–little tailgating, a stadium that is a pain-in-the-ass to get around–you’re only allowed access to the section you ticket is in–the only way to get from one side of the stadium to the other is to go up four elevators and then go down four elevators to get back to your seat. And there’s all these barkers selling candy and overpriced beer. Jerry World sucks compared to Texas Stadium.

    It was always about the parking lot, but not anymore. Just another way Jerry has screwed up America’s Team and a Texas Tradition to boot.

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