Hold up – Now Romo will not go for US Open

Someone on Romo’s team was the person who put in his application for the US Open qualifier and he’s now and he now says he will not attend, read here.

Romo said he has elected to skip the May 14 local qualifier at Old American Golf Club in The Colony.

According to the USGA’s Web site, Romo was listed in the upcoming field, but the quarterback said the application to play in the event was not made by him.

Romo has attempted to qualify for the U.S. Open numerous times and reached the sectional qualifying in Houston two years ago. He did not make it out of local qualifying last year.

Now all the crybabies can stop whining about him golfing.


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4 Responses to Hold up – Now Romo will not go for US Open

  1. cowboyfan45 says:

    wife laid the law down, I just had a baby, you’re not playing golf!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    skip is a joke…. flip flops on every topic.

    and about tony and his golf……. what other sports are non contact, hight pressure, high risk.
    not a lot of difference between throwing a interception, or shanking a approach shot, tee shot…….
    one ruins your drive and possibly the game. the other ruins the hole and possibly your hole round.

  3. lostar2009 says:

    Are u serious DC? For one i often watch first take Skip seems to be the only guy who take up for Romo and the Cowboys .. who did Skip always pick last year to win?? So plz dont be so bias and ready to jump do an anlaysis for doing there job , and thats being honest because they are right.

    2 nd this is the reason why this team well never make it far there is no chemistry and sync within players. I find it odd that there are already tweets out that miles, dez , radway, and harris are practing together but no Romo to be found. Wha??? Until Romo is ready to lead the offense and tell be ppl where to be in there routes and have it down this team will always continue to fall apart. Remember its a team every one must be on the same page.

    3 rd having to much on your plate is too much to swallow. I been trying to study for certs for several months. I wasnt progressing much in that effort because i work a full time job, love to work out everyday, wanted to stay in the social life and try to manage a gf at the same time. It wasnt working out. I left the gym alone for a while, killed the zsocial life and try to plan stuff with my gf that was more ideal for me. Within that one month of studying and giving myself some rest i was able to achieve and learn more than what i did in several months. I test May 4 th and im already ahead of schedule studying for my 2 nd cert.

    Romo needs to stick to football and keep to what pays him. He need to get up with his wide recievers and get them on the same page. Romo plz stop being so scared to led and take the effort to make this team great.

    And yes golf do requires a lot of time i played it in HS and won MVP. i juggle that and a part time job and that was a lot for me at the time.

    • Yeah. You know exactly what it takes to win a Super Bowl as the QB of the Cowboys, lol.

      Do you know how dumb you sound comparing you and you golf game to Tony Romo and his career as an NFL QB? lol.

      Some of you fans really do deserve Quincy Carter.

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