Here is Cowboys 2012 Schedule

Here we go people…

Finishing the season at Fed Ex vs RGIII sucks.

Going thru 6 of first 9 games on the road sucks.

Finishing with 5 out of last 7 games at home means no excuse for a poor finish.

Steelers and Saints at home in December will be tough.

Bye week in Week 5 sucks.

Eagles games are within four weeks of each other. ?????

So much for loving Mayock calling Cowboys games. No games on NFL Network.

Awww shit!! Dez Bryant will be playing in Hotlanta vs the Falcons on NBC’s Sunday Night Football on his Birfday son!!! November 4th is party time kids!!!

I just made this background…

Click and it should go full size and you can save and use.


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5 Responses to Here is Cowboys 2012 Schedule

  1. Swagg says:

    As long as they dont let Heath Evans & Marshall Fauk call the Games they are like Super Cowboy Haters-The Playmaker & PrimeTime need to pimp slap the spit out ther mouth”s!

  2. Pic 14 says:

    If we could pull off getting Barron and McClellin I believe i would feel alot better playing the Giants.

  3. Travis says:

    Thanks DC for the backround. 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the background it looks great!

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