Steve Dennis reports on Cowboys draft history

Steve Dennis takes a look at the Cowboys draft history for CBS 11 in Dallas…

Love Gil Brandt. Still follow his draft stuff on Sirius NFL radio. Matter of fact I just spoke to him a few weeks ago on the air about Bruce Irvin who he loves as a pass rusher.


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3 Responses to Steve Dennis reports on Cowboys draft history

  1. The Soothsayer says:

    One of my favorite stories about the Cowboys is when Walt Garrison totally freaked out Charlie Waters, his roommate.

    They had been out and about one off day during training camp, and Walt saw this knife at a pawn shop or somewhere. “Hmmm, that’s looks to me to be a good whittling knife.” He bought it.

    Later Charlie asked Walt if he wanted to go out, grab a bite to eat, maybe have a few drinks. “No, I just want to sit here and whittle.” He sat there by himself, whittling, and hit a hard spot in the wood, sliced off his finger.

    When Charlie came back, there was blood all over the room. He freaked. And there was Walt, sitting on the bed, with his hand and severed finger stuck in a bucket of ice. He was waiting for the trainer to wake up and sew his finger back on.

    Charlie ran out of the room, down the hall, screaming for a coach, somebody, anybody, to help. It scared the hell out of him.

    But ol’ Walt, he just waited for the trainer to wake up.

    Now, Walt Garrison was a Cowboy’s cowboy. That man did rodeo like nobody else. I’m talking about breaking horses, roping cattle, riding steers; he did it all.

    Don Meredith famously said, “If you need 3 yards, Walt will get you 3 yards. If you need 5 yards, Walt will get you 3 yards.”

    Those were the days, my friend. Those were the days. When men were men and Cowboys were cowboys.

    And to think Walt Garrison signed his contract for a horse trailer.

    These days, guys stub their toe and go on injured reserve. It’s just not the same.

    I predict Jerry Jones wil do something stupid in this draft, like move up or down to take someone who’s not a Cowboys’ cowboy. That’s what he’s done for 15, no make it going on 18 years.

  2. For you my great friend…

  3. DaBoogityMan says:

    We lost some good players after the 74 season — Walt, Lilly, Cornell Green, Calvin Hill, Niland. What did Gil Brandt, Tom Landry & Tex Schramm do? They put together one of the best draft classes in history in 1975 — The Dirty Dozen.

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