Spencer changes agent and skips workouts

Remember the guy who admitted he took plays off during the 2010 season and then got the franchise tag from Jerry Jones.

That guy decided to skip the workouts with his teammates today, read here.

He’s left Roosevelt Barnes and he will sign with Jordan Woy, according to a source.

Today starts the voluntary offseason program at Valley Ranch and it hasn’t been determined if Spencer will arrive. Several other NFL players who have been franchised — Matt Forte, Drew Brees and Ray Rice — are not expected to show up for the start of their teams’ voluntary offseason work.

UPDATE: Spencer did not attend Monday’s workouts.

Not a good look for a guy who wants to show the team he’s worth a long term deal. Although the Cowboys are probably happy he has not signed the Franchise deal because if they get a high level pass rushed on April 26th maybe they get rid of this guy.


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2 Responses to Spencer changes agent and skips workouts

  1. Travis says:

    Hopefully his new agent doesn’t talk some sense into him in the next 10 days to sign the tag before we get a replacement in draft. I really think we shouldn’t wait for the draft, cut him loose now before he signs, because even if we don’t get a replacement for him in the 1st, we will in either 2nd or 3rd. I believe anyone we get in the first 3rds will be better than Spencer.

  2. Swagg says:

    Chandler Jones,Ronell Lewis,Cam Johnson – your replacement is coming Mr. Spencer.

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