Audio: The Football Show – Nate’s interesting comments on Dez

Well looky here! Seems someone decided to throw up a podcast of one segment of The Football Show…

Nate and Ted talk Cowboys past drafts – 4/14

Great 20 minute podcast. Very happy this is available to the fans.

Nate had some big words on Dez. Saying Garrett can’t be the coach he wants to with guys like Dez on the team is jaw dropping. The suttle comparison to Garrett/Carlisle and Dez/Odom was another wow comment.

Now Dez breaks his back in working while on the field so he’s much different than Odom in that manner, but when a coach had to deal with all the off the field nonsense it hurts his ability to stay focused on other stuff about the team.

Victor Butler does need his shot this season!!!





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One Response to Audio: The Football Show – Nate’s interesting comments on Dez

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love victor butler as a pass rusher. He just seems more explosive off the snap and got better aginst the run. He has improved every year. I can’t remember how good he is in coverage but I dt care that’s what sean lee, bruce carter are for and hopefully are safeties I know pool can cover and sensabaugh is decent against te. I hope victor butler gets stronger and takes advantage of spencer being out. If we draft another olb that can pass rusher with a defensive endho can pas rush we could lead the league in sacks. Ware,ratliff,butler,hatcher,and watchout for lissemore and clifton geathers they both did well in limited action with a good olb and de. I he woicik can really work these guys.

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