Dilfer: Cutler and Romo will be elite QB’s in 2012

Dilfer says Cutler and Romo take next step to Elite status in 2012…

Dilfer has always been a big fan of Romo and I hope he’s right on this prediction. I just want at least some playoff games and the sense that this team is building a champion once again. After going 1-4 to end the 2011 season I can’t say that’s the case right now.


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One Response to Dilfer: Cutler and Romo will be elite QB’s in 2012

  1. The Soothsayer says:

    I’ve always liked Trent Dilfer. He was a klutz at Tampa Bay, but when he got to Baltimore all he did was take over team and lead them to a Super Bowl victory.

    My thing is this. All these people say, “It’s all about the quarterback.” That simply isn’t true. It’s about the quarterback who has a team around him. There are 10 other guys on the field on offense. There are 11 guys on defense and on special teams. They all have to come together to win.

    Dan Marino was one of the most prolific passers in league history, but he never won a Super Bowl. Because he didn’t have a team around him. John Elway lost three Super Bowls, then won two, once he had a team around him.

    A quarterback without an offensive line is a sitting duck. I don’t care how well he can throw the ball. A quarterback without a running back is hamstrung. A quarterback without receivers is useless. And a quarterback without a defense is meaningless.

    I like Tony Romo. I hope he is successful. But hope doesn’t win football games. It takes a team.

    These Cowboys are not a well built team, sad to say. They’re just not. I blame Jerry Jones for that, but it’s beside the point. Tony Romo could have a career year, break records, and still lose, because he doesn’t have a team around him.

    A quarterback can influence the men around him to win. Roger Staubach did. Troy Aikman did. Will Tony Romo? That remains to be seen, and it depends on the men around him.

    All I want is for the Dallas Cowboys to win football games, advance in the playoffs, and bring home a championship. But want, like hope, never won a football game. It takes determination and will, from all the players and coaches. Something I haven’t seen from this team going on, what is it, 16 years now.

    We will see how this current crop of Cowboys perform. But win or lose, it’s not going to be all about Tony Romo. It will be about the team around him.

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