Did Nate say Garrett can’t rule team with Dez on roster?

Just got done listening to The Football Show. Great stuff with Ted, Broaddus and Nate Newton sitting in for Tim MacMahon.

Nate had some very interesting comments about Jason Garrett not being to really be in control of Cowboys as the head coach with guys like Dez Bryant on the team.

He also compared Ryan Broyles a former Cowboys WR we all used to love. Then he has questions about Tyron Smith and if he adjust quickly to playing Left Tackle.

They also talked about possible draft picks for first three rounds. And the ‘Muscle Hamster’ Doug Martin was in the discussion.

Let me start breaking up all six segments so I can podcast for you gyus…Oh wait. Nevermind. Go over to ESPNDallas for the podcasts of the show. And if you don’t see them then send in requests to get some podcasts. See how far that goes, lol.


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5 Responses to Did Nate say Garrett can’t rule team with Dez on roster?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I completely disagree with newton when he says garrett can’t rule the team with dez on it. Newt should know first hand that there are far worst things players have done and their coaches have handled the situations. Jimmy johnson with newton and irvin. Parcells with lawrence taylor. Brian billick with ray lewis in a murder trial. I mean come on dez has done some stupid things but don’t make him t.o. or a trouble maker like pacman. Dez needs to get it together. He is making the transition from boy to a man. He is not locker room diva or a tirade on the team. Maybe its dallas and he is trying to spark a conversion like last year when calvin watkins said we were thinking about trading him. Dallas media does this when there is no news.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey dc I can’t find the pod cast!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Here is my mock draft or my wishlist. 1.mark barron. 2. Devon still. 3.bruce irvin. 4. Philip blake.
    4. Jamell flemings. 5. Ryan broyles. 6. Evan rodriguez. 7. Guard or another corner.

  4. YEP says:

    Dont hate on 88 ,Nate

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wow no Football Show Podcast that sucks. I have to work weekends and I catch the podcast right here on Dc Fanatic. Can’t believe Espn is doing this, Dc can you at least put up the podcast until after the draft. I want to hear as much draft talk as possible

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