Austin: I wasn’t properly prepared (physically) for 2011 season

Last year around this time Miles Austin was training for the 2011 season and was doing so while in California. Seems that approach didn’t work too well for him…

Miles has got to stay healthy for the entire 2012 season. No more nagging injuries. I love Miles game, but when players start becoming the who starts showing up on the injury report every week he becomes a player you can rely on when game planning.

And one thing. This looks like clear example that the lockout did have an effect because he wasn’t able to train at Valley Ranch. Now that’s not a good enough excuse though because a lot of players figured out how to train properly without the use of the teams facilities.


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4 Responses to Austin: I wasn’t properly prepared (physically) for 2011 season

  1. Cindi says:

    Not prepared? Say it isn’t so! I am a huge Miles fan!
    He’s gonna get in there with the strength coach and be ready this year! GO MILES! 🙂

  2. YEP says:

    Hope Rueben Randle or Stephen Hill falls to us even Tommy Streeter n the 4th just in case.

  3. 4 real says:

    Speaking of steals ,why no love CB Jayron Hosley ,not that he is Primetime but he is the closest to him as far as cover corner.

  4. Anonymous says:

    How do you get these videos so fast. Man I got to give you credit. I don’t always agree with whatou say but this site is really good. Better than you have player interview. And some personal interviews players do. This info about miles will probably be on tomorrow

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