DCFanatic’s 2012 First Round Mock Draft – V2.0

And we go for a second go around on the mock for round one…

Now you go into the comments and rip this apart. lol.


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4 Responses to DCFanatic’s 2012 First Round Mock Draft – V2.0

  1. YEP says:

    Barron wont pass the Boys.

  2. Nate Trumble says:

    Love the Fletcher Cox pick…Hate that Philly got Barron…could easily be the other way around and we’d feel the exact same way…i think Cox was the right choice though…We need to get more pressure inside so QBs cant step up in the pocket so easily…Poole will be the stop-gap until next year’s strong safety class comes out…

  3. Glenn says:

    Always a crazy time! Funny how your picks 14-17 are the names being thrown around as one of our selections. I’m also high on Hightower, but any of those should be able to step in and contribute by week 3 as a starter. We really need some serious help on D and hopefully one of these guys can step in and have an impact. Hearing the Lunch Break, they or at least Eatman is gung ho on Poe and that spooks me! Your list is fine, pending any trades. I’m hoping that Jerry won’t trade our pick but it’s possible. The thought of Eagles getting Barron is not good news, don’t need them getting any stronger especially on defense.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Jonathan Martin out the first round?

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