Tony Romo’s wife Candice going into labor now!!!

Update and correction: Seems some fan site who consistently tries to act like a Cowboys Insider tried to tell everyone yesterday that the Romo’s had a baby girl. Wrong! We already knew they were having a baby boy. The girl who runs the site was once again trying to be ESPN and screwed up. But instead of clearing up the mistake she’s just ignoring the issue and has changed her avatar on Twitter.

DCBluestar. That’s the person screwing all this up. You can figure out her site and twitter name. Trust me if you are following her you should undo that immediately. She’s the one who tried convincing everyone Marty B was a hall of famer for years now.

When the official word comes from the Cowboys and the Romo’s o the baby it will be reported. I am kind of regretting putting up the info I had obtained about Candice being at the hospital going into labor as it turned into this nonsense.

Tony Romo is going to be holding his baby boy very very soon…



Good luck with everything to the Romo family.


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3 Responses to Tony Romo’s wife Candice going into labor now!!!

  1. Cindi says:

    That’s exciting! I hope mama and baby are doing well!

  2. Anonymous says:

    A person on Twitter that has a Cowboys fan page reported incorrectly that the Romo baby had been born and it was a girl. That info spread like wildfire. Instead of admitting their mistake, that person deleted the tweet and changed their avi pic :/ So annoying. That’s how false info gets out there.

  3. Well dang…. I reposted this on FaceBook, hoping for a new little quarterback this morning. Anyway, best of luck to Tony and Candice.

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