Video: Andre Holmes balling at Hillsdale College

Remember when Jerry Jones dropped the name Andre Holmes as a possible replacement for Laurent Robinson?

Since then I have been trying to get some info on this kid. Going to Hillsdale College means there was not going to a whole lot of tape floating around of their games.

But after some communication with their Director of Football Operations Pat Hornak I can now bring you his video which does show us Dre has some raw ability…

The size and ball skills are there. He goes and gets the football which tells you he can gain the trust of his QB. Like the way he caught some passes with a defender right up on him and even when the passes were a little off the mark.

We have no idea what he will do in 2012, but at least we see some of what Jerry Jones was talking about. First good sign was that he got an invite to the 2011 NFL Combine.

Now we wait to see what Jimmy Robinson molds this piece of clay into over the next few seasons.


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4 Responses to Video: Andre Holmes balling at Hillsdale College

  1. Cowboy78 says:

    So this guy is on the roster?

  2. The Soothsayer says:

    I didn’t know that Hillsdale had a football program. It’s one of the few colleges that do not accept federal funds, so it’s curriculum is more rigorous than those that do. So if this kid gets a degree from there, that’s a big plus in my book.

    This was Gil Brandt’s secret back in the day. He scouted smaller, lesser known schools for raw talent. And he didn’t limit himself to football programs. He also looked at basketball and track programs. Baseball not so much. Brandt was able to find several diamonds in the dung hill of small colleges.

    Once the Cowboys became dominant in the 70s, the rest of the league caught on and copied their scouting strategy. That’s what led to the decline in the 80s. That and the fact that many of Landry’s assistants had moved on to become coaches on other teams. They knew his tendencies, and he was slow to adapt to the changing NFL. Schramm, Landry and Brandt were turning the team around by the late 80s though, with several good drafts, but then along came Jones.

    He should keep his mouth shut. The last thing you want other teams to know is that you’re scouting a particular player. Then they’ll all scout him and could very well snatch him right out from under you.

    As far as Holmes goes, yeah, he looks to have the skills required. It will take a while for him to develop and acclimate to the NFL game, but with proper coaching he could be explosive in two or three years.

  3. Archie "Chia" says:

    Yo, DC check your email, I think we got a misunderstanding, check the emails I sent you and you will see what I mean bro

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