Dontari Poe not elite in three cone drill

Dontari Poe not elite in three cone drill…

So he benched a lot and ran a fast 40 time, but stinks on film and bombs the important drill for interior lineman and some scouts are still giving him a Top Ten grade for this draft.

GTFO. There are all kinds of stories now about the Cowboys loving Dontari Poe. Let me tell you this right now. Even if Jerry Jones loved the kid from the stupid underwear olympics he can’t deny this video and those numbers.

And there is plenty of time for people to educate him on this kid.

Dontari Poe will not be a Dallas Cowboy.

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3 Responses to Dontari Poe not elite in three cone drill

  1. Anonymous says:

    The quickest way for an NFL free agent or draftee to get buzz is to throw the Cowboys name around. The Cowboys are always linked to somebody.

  2. I hope says:

    Jerry Smoke screen Brockers,Barron & Poe. real apple of his eye is Gilmore ,Castro,Kirkpatrick

  3. Glenn says:

    Yeah, I saw that link with Poe and admittedly it rattled me for a minute. Gotta hope that they take a good look at the tape and just say no! As much as I feel we need a pass rushing lineman, I’m leaning towards Barron or Cox as being their 1st pick. We’ve picked up guards last year and this year in FA. We also signed Carr, so that takes away the big need in the 1st round for a CB. Still think we need to draft 2 corners, one in the 2nd round if we took someone other than a corner.

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