Graziano says to go defense for entire draft

ESPN NFC East blogger Dan Graziano says to go defense for entire draft…

If the Cowboys take DeCastro and tell me he’s going to play Center then fine.

If they go defense and take a Defensive lineman named Fletcher Cox then fine.

If they take a defensive back named Kirkpatrick or Barron from Alabama then fine.

If they take anyone named Poe I am going to be pissed beyond belief.


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3 Responses to Graziano says to go defense for entire draft

  1. Glenn says:

    Well add a few more people that get it! Team was awful on defense the last 2 years. Defense in each round works for me. DCF, absolutely on target with any of the defensive selections and steer clear on Poe, he’s not ready to start in the NFL and didn’t do much against weak opponents. Totally with you on that call, but keep shouting so Valley Ranch can hear you!

    You’re right, DeCastro would be a great fit, but Graziano is correct, we drafted 2 guys last year, signed 2 FA’s this year. Gotta go D! Have to get 1 to 2 DL who can rush and 2 CB’s & at least 1 safety! We should have learned a brutal lesson that this defense couldn’t hold a lead and cost us a playoff shot. Not that we would have gone anywhere as someone would have lit this D up, but it would have been nice to have the shot.

  2. swagg says:

    i agree with this Guy

  3. ronace says:

    DeCastro will be an NFL stud. Barron or any DB fits this team perfectly. Poe will absolutely NOT work for this team! He needs more hands on coaching and I wouldn’t trust the dysfunctional Cowboys. Dallas should get a really good player at #14. I’d get my DT in round #2.
    Check out my blog as well under the tag 2012 NFL draft.

    Ron (ronace)

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