DCFanatic’s first three round draft plan for Cowboys

Just felt a burst of energy and unloaded a glorious Twitter rant which makes all the sense in the world and I would like to bring it to the blog fans who don’t use Twitter.

And before I get this going let me tell the people who don’t use Twitter that you are missing a lot of good football talk. Seriously. It’s not what it was back a few years ago. You pick and choose the people you want to hear from and it’s all football talk minute by minute. Great sounding board.

Ok, here is the draft plan that Jerry should use over firth three rounds…

The end. Now watch Jerry take Dontari Poe and then trade back in the 2nd and 3rd round while he drafts a RB and a TE. lol.


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5 Responses to DCFanatic’s first three round draft plan for Cowboys

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think we can get ryan broyles maybe with one of our two fourths and take a corner or center in the third.

  2. The Soothsayer says:

    I don’t follow Twitter, mainly because I don’t have the time or the inclination. I do however read your Twitter posts here. Some of them crack me up.

    Anyway, dude, have you been following the reports on the twisters that tore trough North Texas yesterday? Between twelve and eighteen tornadoes touched down in the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington area in one afternoon. Over 800 homes were completely destroyed. DFW had to be shut down, hundreds of flights were cancelled, after baseball-sized hail pummeled dozens of planes. There’s even a video of one tornado going over a truck yard and tossing semi-trailers hundreds of feet in the air like they were Tonka toys. That’s scary.

    Thankfully, no one was killed, but several were injured. The property damage however was severe.

    Part of me though, and I hate to say this but I will, wishes that one of those tornadoes had demolished Jerry World. Maybe then the Cowboys could move back to the Cotton Bowl and get back to what’s real.

    I enjoyed your radio show on the draft and agree with your draft picks. However, Fanatic, I have to caution you. There is no telling what Jerry Jones is going to do. You ought to know that by now. I will make a prediction though. He’ll most likely do something stupid.

  3. swagg says:

    You just said it if Jenkins or scandrick get hurt (Like they always Do)

  4. ekimsnevets says:

    Mike Jenkins and Scandrick always hurt, Jenkins underachieving may not deserve what the market will bear next off season when he is due another contract. Kirkpatrick is tall, and may be the answer at the Safety position if the other CBs stay healthy this year. That is only justification for why it makes sense if the Cowboys take the CB. Having said all that I am not opposed to them making the D line position the priority and there are several candidates I would be happy to see them take there.

    In the 2nd round I would be looking for the speedy pass rushing specialist that will play the OLB position. If not Irvin i would be just as happy, maybe even happier to see them take the Boise State player, Shea McClenin. If somehow Dont’a Hightower dropped that for, and I can’t imagine why he would, i would be ecstatic to see him taken instead.

    The third round: Could be a lot of things from O-line to TE to more secondary help. It all depends on who falls through the cracks. The third round is where, “The best available player” philosophy should really be adhered to more so than the 1st or 2nd rounds where drafting for need, no matter what position it is, is likely to come away with a player capable of fulfilling the need. For those reasons I wouldn’t put up a wish list candidate. I would say that until a few come along and change the rep I would steer clear of any and all Big 12 WRs. They never live up to expectations.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Jenkins gets hurt one year and everyone says he is hurt all the time that is crazy. Scandrick is always playing and I am sorry to say this but sometimes I wish he was hurt he is so bad.

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