Fake ass message board chumps are funny!

This one was so funny I had to go back into my old message board ways for a minute. lol.

Somebody tells me yesterday that someone I thought was a friend was actually a jackass who was routinely bashing me on an old message board I used to belong to a few years ago.

I get that a lot so I didn’t really care. But then I am told he routinely uses my site and Twitter feed for knowledge on the Cowboys and runs back to the board to try and look cool as some sort of Cowboys Insider. Truth is the guy knows nothing more than what he finds out online like most people because he lives in South Carolina and knows nobody in the Cowboys organization, lol.

And I don’t even break stories or anything like that. We know what I do. I post vids and audio and whatever else I get a hold of to keep the fans informed. I talk to a lot of people around the team too and everybody is passing along info along the way. I don’t have any Insider info and have never claimed to in the seven years of doing this blog. I have some media friends who do and most of what they talk to me about is off the record like it’s off the record for them as well. And find one person who will say I ever broke that trust and started talking out of school. They don’t exist.

The point of this blog entry is to let you know that some of these clowns on message boards are trying so hard to ‘get some love’ they start acting like idiots.

SDogo. This is a guy I used to chat with on Cowboyszone and Twitter all the time. Guy loves the Cowboys and never seemed like the type to be a moron. Thought he was pretty cool for about three years. Seems I was wrong and it seems like he thinks bashing me while getting ‘a scoop’ from my blog will help him get more pats on the back at the board.

Like I said we were cool…

That was from when he first got on Twitter last year. He was starting up a new blog and even talked to me about helping promote his site too. Think he had some big launch ready to go, but something happened and he never got it going…His Site.

You can see he has links back to my blog all over that thing. Guess I was cool back at that time. And the funny thing is I havent spoken to him at the message board I used to talk to him at in over the two years since I got banned from there. So not really sure what and how I became his Lex Luther, lol.

Ok, now onto making him look stupid. On Saturday I did an interview with Bruce Irvin in which he let us know that he had spoken with the Cowboys at the NFL Combine. That was not reported anywhere until Bruce told me and Raf that during the interview. So we were actually breaking some news.

Seems SDogo knowing that I am not a guy who goes to that board tried to be a cool guy and let everyone know he knew Bruce Irvin had met with the Cowboys…

If you notice the #1 over in the right hand corner you see he’s the guy who started the thread. He saw all the concern from the fans who wanted Bruce Irvin to be on the Cowboys radar and since he’s an ‘Insider’ he better get the info for them thru his many insider contacts at Valley Ranch, lol.

Then someone innocently posts this info and he responds…

LMAO. So he had no idea that me and Raf had spoken to Bruce and that is where this info came from and he would rather do all that instead of going to my blog or listening to my radio show to get info.

Then someone actually posts the video I made with the clip from the interview…

Now I am not Sherlock Holmes or anything, but let me take a swing at this one.

Does it seem logical that on Sunday he went to mine or Raf’s website and saw the teasers we had put up with this info and then ran back over there as fast as possible to try and act like he’s a somebody? LMAO.

Give me a break bro. Even if he hates me and goes back and says I read at Raf’s site that the Cowboys talked to Bruce Irvin he’s being a cool guy for passing along info the fans want to hear. They want to hear the Cowboys might be getting a player that can help the football team. The end.

This dude goes to this site all the time. And he’s among a crowd of thousands who do because of the content. They don’t have to like me or my opinions. I could care less about people I don’t have direct contact with hating me. Why would I care about those people? They are just names on a screen. It’s fun to banter with them on Twitter. The fun part is that I know it’s all just a fan game.

But to try and be some message board hero using info you got from me or any other blogger/website out there is something a complete loser would do.

Then to make himself look even dumber he trashes the guy who he is stealing info from and passing it off as his own. lol.

Let this be a lesson to you kids. These people on the internet could be cool one second and then a person you would never be friends with in everyday life the next second. And these message boards are full of these guys trying to get you to treat them like they are Adam Schefter or some Coach for the Cowboys. Relax, they are usually some chump like this who is reading and listening to something someone else did and trying to pass it off as their own hard work.

Let’s hope this alerts people that this clown is just that, a clown.

Laugh at him.


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9 Responses to Fake ass message board chumps are funny!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dude, i love your site. We don’t agree on Dez but overall you do great work. Who are you hoping the Boys pick in the 1st round? Myself, I’m praying for Couples.

    • Fred Couples? Nah. I want Tiger Woods! lol.

      I am not sure on Coples. He seems like a dummy. And he’s more 43 DE in my opinion. Like a Julius Peppers or Jason Babin type.

  2. lil L says:

    Its gotta be Barron bro,tired of getting average secondary help time to luck up the postion of safety for a few years. This piston has been are Achilles hill for to damn long.

  3. PJ says:

    True Cowboy fans appreciate all you do here. Never forget that. I respected you way back on CowboyZone and still do here, for your honesty and all the amazing Cowboy info you provide. Peace.

  4. One of my boys is betting his livelyhood that we ARE going to draft Baron! I wouldn’t be mad if we are because our average safety plays has been the so mediocre for so long. However, that being said, trading down around 5-7 spots and we can still get Baron. Getting additional picks in the second round this year is the key because we can get to guys like Gilmore, Bruce Irvin, perhaps Ta’Amu and your draft would be considered a success. I know DC would bark at this notion, but my God…If Janoris Jenkins some how make it into the second round, we has got to get him so dealing with Mike Jenkins issue for next year may not be such a burden for us.

  5. Archie "Chia" says:

    Wow, son got exposed

    I really dislike people who act two-face like that, good job on exposing someone like that DC
    carry on the good work, real recognize real

  6. Archie "Chia" says:

    By the way, your Irvin interview was breaking news, so congrats on that, that is big time right there

  7. chunk chavez says:

    lol what a jackass. I heard about this site threw cowboysnation and must admit i was pretty ill informed about the cowboys til i found these two sites. I’d go to dallascowboys.com UGH what propaganda! it’s like jerry trying to sell his team.

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