DCFanatic’s 2012 First Round Mock Draft – V1.0

Here’s my crack at a first round mock draft…

Will have two more editions. One next week and then final mock on April 23rd.

Now tear this thing apart draft experts!


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Love the Dallas Cowboys.
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9 Responses to DCFanatic’s 2012 First Round Mock Draft – V1.0

  1. waus says:

    I don’t care who the Cowboys draft.

    I just DO NOT want the Colts to draft RG Roman Numeral 3.

    That would mean the Cowboys would have to face Andrew Luck twice a year for the next 15 years..that would stink.

  2. Either way would stink bro…

  3. dknucklehead says:

    I really don’t have much criticism for this mock draft, as it’s remarkably similar to what I made a couple days ago. My only question would be you having DeCastro fall to the Bengals. I happen to see him as one of the most complete players in the draft, and not get picked before Dallas. (I happen to have sent him to the Chiefs) But hey, this is April 3rd, lot’s WILL change.

  4. chris says:

    well i love the cowboys pick . i’m hoping and praying that cox is there at #14 because i do believe the cowboys love this kid

    i was surprised u didn’t have whitney mercilus in the 1st rd, this kid has been flying up the boards

  5. Glenn says:

    I’d be good with Cox, Barron or Kirkpatrick in the 1st round. As long as they don’t take Poe, that would be a mistake to get him on the field in year one. We need guys ready on day 1.

  6. Janoris Jenkins will go in the first. He will grade higher than Stills, Fleener! Reyes and Worthy. I know he has some issues, but if Floyd can go top10 with two DUI infractions, then J.J. Is getting in the first round. Nice mock. I don’t want Cox. Will take Barron over him. If Decstro is on the board, he will have a star on his helmet.

  7. swagg says:

    Kirkpatrick & Carr means; R.I.P. 2 da Salsa

  8. Anonymous says:

    It definitely fills a need. My hope is that we get another DB that can come in and start right away. Which is a deeper position in this year draft DT or CB?. Hmmmmm

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