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DCFanatic Radio – Phillip Tanner and Adrian Hamilton – Live at 10pm Eastern

We go live at 10:00pm Eastern to share our thoughts on the Cowboys draft picks. About half way thru the show at 10:30pm we will have on two guests. Cowboys RB Phillip Tanner and rookie free agent signing OLB Adrian … Continue reading

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Ciskowski breaks down the draft on GAC today

The fellas at Galloway and Company spoke with Cowboys Director of Scouting Tom Ciskowski earlier today… Ciskowski on GAC today Good stuff. The offensive line stuff tells me they hope the year the youngsters got under their belt already will … Continue reading

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All of these rookie free agents are Cowboys now

Here is the list of Cowboys rookie free agents, read here. Here is the full list of rookie free agents: Jeff Adams T Columbia Levy Adcock T Oklahoma State Cole Beasley WR Southern Methodist Tim Benford WR Tennessee Tech George … Continue reading

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Opal Claiborne hates the Dallas Cowboys

Talk about wanting to wish you never said that to a reporter, go here. Now I still love you Opal because you are Mo’s momma, but just know that I know you are not really a fan hen it comes … Continue reading

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DFW Sportsbeat: Walls breaks down Mo Claiborne

Here’s Everson Walls and Brady Tinker talking Mo Claiborne on DFW Sportsbeat… Going to be awesome seeing another great #24 on the field shutting down WR’s all season. Go get that football Mo Claiborne!

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Who is the ‘Thumper’ next to Sean Lee?

After hearing the Cowboys were going to draft an ILB with the 2nd round pick if they had not traded it away for Mo Claiborne I started thinking the Cowboys were not all that impressed with what they saw from … Continue reading

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What are they saying about Cowboys draft?

Some people who don’t really dig deep into the players in the draft beyond the big name first rounders may run around on Twitter saying the Cowboys draft was a disaster. And when I say some people I mean Dan … Continue reading

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