Gilmore vs Kirkpatrick: Who ya got?

Gilmore vs Kirkpatrick: Who yo got?

Those are some impressive points about Gilmore. Let’s just say I am undecided right now.


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5 Responses to Gilmore vs Kirkpatrick: Who ya got?

  1. Let me say this about the differences between the two and i’ll let you decide ok? The biggest difference between these two is that Kirkpatrick has only allow ONE TOUCHDOWN in 8 years as a corner! Give me that guy on my team.

  2. Chuck says:

    If i were GM and based on the accuracy of my own scouts vs others around the league, I would put my chips in on Devon Still being my impact DL in the 1st. I think we could also possibly trade back a few spots in the 1st (pick up an extra 2nd) and still pick him up as he’s flying a bit under the radar. He’s a massive frame guy that can command a double team…same thing can be said for Ratliff, you throw Ware in the mix and you become a pick your poison DL. As for the CB i’ll go back and use one of the second round picks on Oklahoma’s Jamell Flemming. He’s a pure man to man cover corner similar to Carr’s game. I think he would get benefit from having Carr to learn from in that their skills are similar. That could open up the door to take Harrison Barnes with the other 2nd rounder and continue on down the draft. Impacting our D with three top 100 picks!

  3. pick 14 says:

    Either one ,Because we got H.Nicks & V.Cruz Coming!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I love Gilmore. The reason Kirk put impressive numbers like only allow ONE TOUCHDOWN in 4 years as a corner is the players surrounding him and Nick Saban. Gilmore is faster AL Harris. There are only 2 players that I would take from Bama in the first round: T. Richarson and M. Barron.

  5. Skillz says:

    Can we have both?

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