Does Jerry Jones know he drafted David Arkin last year?

Does Jerry Jones know he drafted David Arkin last year?

Before I begin here. There may have been a moment in there where he is talking about Arkin but says Nagy. He says Nagy was from a small school. Last time I checked Wisconsin is not a small school so maybe he was talking about Arkin at that point.

But still.

All this talk about the offensive line scenarios and he never mentions the kid he drafted before Nagy, Costa and Kowalski? Seems odd to me. Please don’t let Arkin turn into another Robert Brewster.


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9 Responses to Does Jerry Jones know he drafted David Arkin last year?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I view this a good sign. It shows that he is not as involved as he used to be. I believe that Stephen and Jason are doing the leg work and the day to day running of the Cowboys. Jerry is more of figured and mouth piece.

  2. The Soothsayer says:

    As I watched this video, I came away thinking this man is a complete idiot. Actually, the correct clinical term would be a malignant narcisist.

    Since when has Jerry Jones fielded a successful offensive line? Oh, that would be 95-96. But that would be with Jimmy Johnson’s players. Since then it’s been one draft bust or one failed free agent after another.

    I’ve become convinced that this man doesn’t have a clue about how to build a football team. And it breaks my heart, because I love the Dallas Cowboys. So I am officially boycotting Jerry World from now on.

    • DaBoogityMan says:

      Jimmy gets more credit for the quality of players on that 95 team than he deserves. Not to say he dont deserve any, but there was only 1 Jimmy Johnson Product on that 95 O line: Erik Williams — but the rest of the 95 Offensive line consisted of Newton & Tuinei (Landry Holdovers), Ray Donelson (came via Free Agency in 95 from the Seahawks), & Larry Allen (Drafted in 94 under Switzer).

  3. The Soothsayer says:

    True, Boogity. A lot of players on those championship teams were Landry holdovers. Some were brought in by Johnson. And a few were brought in by Switzer.

    Still, that does not negate the fact that Jerry Jones is an idiot.

  4. chris says:

    i’ll take the positive side first . i like the fact that they knew they screwed up this OL situation last spring and tried to rectify and fix the mess . i also heard that they felt right out of the draft that arkin was going to be a “work in progress” and weren’t really expecting anything from him last year

    the negative is that he’s talking about costa in a positive tone and expects him to be part of the competition for OC . i must say that scares the heck out of me

    on a lighter side note . does anybody else just love when jerry says the word “why”

  5. Real Talk says:

    Jerry you got your next Micheal Irvin(Dez) now get your next Primetime (Gilmore).

  6. lostar2009 says:

    Whats all the fuss about?

    JJ is talking some real talk about the team. The oline was screwed up and age up way before they started all those young guys..JJ did the right thing by letting those rookies play. Now those same rooks has ecperience and with more competion may play better.

  7. Pounda says:

    Congratulations, Jerry! The offensive line started to deteriorate at the end of the 2007 season, and four plus years later it dawns on him the offensive line has problems. That Colombo, Davis and “Gerrard”, as he calls him, might not be able to play like Pro Bowlers at the age of 40. And he admits throwing unathletic, weak, inexperienced first and second year players at the problem wasn’t the solution. For the sorry state of our franchise, I guess that’s progress?

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