Romo’s thoughts on Manning and Tebow

Romo’s thoughts on Manning and Tebow finding new NFL homes recently…

That Jets situation is a disaster. Sanchez should be demanding a trade because he’s never going to win over the coaching staff there. At least the Cowboys never show they are worried Romo may not be the guy to lead them back to the Super Bowl. Sanchez has made enough plays to warrant some respect and he’s getting none right now.


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4 Responses to Romo’s thoughts on Manning and Tebow

  1. JimmyJohnson says:

    Totally disagree. Whatever you can say about Tebow, he beat Kyle Orton fair-and-square. He was the better QB.

    Mark Sanchez is not in Kyle Orton’s league as far as QB. Hard to argue that.

    Tebow>Orton>Sanchez. It’s simple math.

  2. Anonymous says:

    In 6 of 12 games he played this year, Tebow completed 10 passes or less.. Tebow had a completion % of 46. Why would anyone discuss Tebow a legitimate NFL QB?

    • JimmyJohnson says:

      No different from Michael Vick with ATL… or Sanchez his first year as a starter – 5 games with 10 or fewer completions. If you’re going to take Vick or Sanchez seriously, you have to take Tebow seriously.

  3. pick 45 says:

    I wanna know what Romo thinks of Coby Fleener?

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