DeMarco Murray loves him some MMA!

If you have been following DeMarco Murray you know he loves the sport of MMA and now he’s joined up with BAD Boy MMA, read here.

“BAD BOY Brands Intl Inc, a leading action sports and mixed martial arts lifestyle brand, announced today the multi-year sponsorship of Dallas Cowboys Rookie running back sensation DeMarco Murray.

“Murray is a longtime fan and practitioner of mixed martial arts (MMA). ‘Like many professional athletes, I realized that MMA training is the best way to stay in shape during the NFL off-season’ said Murray. ‘I’ve always been a fan of MMA and respected the world-class athletes associated with the sport. I began training MMA a few years ago, and quickly realized the increases in my strength, quickness, and agility.’

Go click thru that link above and watch Murray doing some MMA training.


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One Response to DeMarco Murray loves him some MMA!

  1. According to Draft Tek .com the 14th pick will be? DYNOMITE!!!!

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