Oklahoma’s Broyles would be perfect 3rd WR

The Cowboys need to find a 3rd WR in this up coming NFL draft because I doubt they are comfortable with the guys behind Miles Austin and Dez Bryant.

One player who has been on my radar consistently since last fall as a guy who could replace Laurent Robinson was Oklahoma’s Ryan Broyles. A lot of people had him going into the draft as a top five WR before his knee injury, read here, and now he’s working his way back up the boards as April approaches.

The one concern was if he would be able to contribute right away if drafted based on where he was in his rehab. Question asked and answered today…

So he’s going to be healthy by the time minicamps begin and the Cowboys are bringing him in for a visit prior to the draft. Sounds like we may have a candidate to replace Robinson.

Here’s some vids on Broyles work as a Sooner…

You will notice Broyles is lined up in the slot a bunch of times. He knows the position and can provide immediate help. Check out his numbers in the last three seasons…

Ryan Broyles goes and gets the football and will help this offense. Do the right thing Jerry Jones!


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6 Responses to Oklahoma’s Broyles would be perfect 3rd WR

  1. Anonymous says:

    DC, you just lost all creditability. You talk the kid on twitter and now the Cowboys should draft him. Really? Broyles is only 5’11”, 185-pounds coming off a torn ACL. There were question about his speed before the injury.

    • What a moron. Who doesn’t know who Ryan Broyles is? He has been killing it for three years now on the national scene. And he’s never been known as a 4.3 guy.

      So anonymous you should get a fucking clue. I have mentioned this player a 1,000 times as a possibility in the draft. That’s the reason I did talk to him on Twitter stupid.

      If I sent out 1,000 tweets to different WR’s and some guy no one ever heard responded and then I started saying the Cowboys should draft him you would have a point.

      But the exact opposite happened. I chose a guy who I liked all along to Tweet and he responded back.

      Sounds like you been drinking some hatorade. Choke on it dickhead.

      • Anonymous says:

        why don’t you tell him how you feel dc lmao…

      • DaBoogityMan says:

        Its hard to get a bead on WRs coming out of the Big 12 conference. That conference tends to operate the passing game with quantity over pure quality. They spread it out & throw it all over the field. Guys in that conference pile up massive yards & TDs — but if a Big12 QB dont throw for at least 400 yards, he had an ‘off day’. I know there have been some good ones come out of that conference — Maclin, Jordy Nelson, Welker…I’ll even throw Dez in that mix because I think the dude could be a great WR if he could get his head screwed on straight — but for every one of those guys, theres 10 Manny Johnson’s, Danny Amendola’s, Limas Sweed’s, & a wide selection of Roy Wi11iams type guys. Im a rabid Texas Tech fan but I have to admit — Crabtree has been a little dissapointing as well. Now with all that said, Blackmon & Wright might just balance the scales a little..& who knows — Broyles might be a nice mid round find?? But based on the condition of our crew, I wouldnt go anything inside of round 4 for him.

  2. Glenn says:

    Seems like he is always aware he is on the field, like that. Too many bubble screens, but he’s good downfield and I see what you like about him from the slot. Don’t know that I would go higher than 3rd round, only because we need so darn much on defense. So too, he looks a lot like Harris in skill set. This is where it gets tough. Who do we take in the 1st round? Sure could use DeCastro on the line, Sure could use Kirkpatrick at corner or safety, sure could use Coples / Brockers / Hightower! I think DeCastro is out given the signings last week. Figuring defense will get our attention in the 1st round and at least 3 of the first 4 picks. That is if we don’t move down, should someone offer a bundle of picks for Tannenhill?

  3. I would take Coples & hope The Eagles,Niners or Steelers dont get Gilmore(Polumalo pt.2)Beacause on the Steelers Blog they are hoping he dont get no late buzz,but SI,Profootballtalks,Mike Maylock&even Primetime Deion are catching on!

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