Aikman would have gotten Cowboys to playoffs

This week we heard Troy Aikman tell us that Tony Romo is a better QB than he is because of his physical skill set, read here.

I could agree with that because Aikman wasn’t too great at making the wow plays by escaping pressure and keeping plays alive.

Here’s Colin Cowherd talking about the subject…

Now here is the thing though. Aikman would have had the Cowboys in the playoffs last season.

At this point in Romo’s career he is supposed to be past making those mistakes he made against the Jets and Lions last season. When Aikman got to that point in his career he rarely threw interceptions at crucial moments and he certainly didn’t get blamed for losing games on stupid decisions based on situational pressure in crunch time.

Aikman even mentions the most memorable play of his career was the pass to Alvin Harper which we know led the Cowboys to the Super Bowl…

The bodies are different so the physical talents are different. But so are the mental approaches to the game. Aikman was a level above many guys with his leadership skills and his judgement calls at crucial moments. Aikman always seemed to understand the big picture of winning and losing games and that him making errors with poor decisions would be too much to overcome so they had to be removed from the equation.

Romo still has to find that level of play. If he does this he can win a Super Bowl or two. If he doesn’t find it then I don’t see enough physical talent to get that ring on his finger. And I doubt the Cowboys put so much talent around him that they can overcome his mental errors at crucial moments.


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12 Responses to Aikman would have gotten Cowboys to playoffs

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love Aikman but there is no way he would have got this team to playoffs. Aikman would have not made it through the season with phil costa at center. There is no Eric Williams or Nate Netwon on this o line. There no junkyard dogs on this line. 90s line was one of the best lines in NFL history.

    I will not mention the 90s defense, Irvin or Emmit Smith. I give Romo a lot of credit for his level of play last year.

  2. No… He would not have…

    Romo played well enough for a 12 to 13 win season last year… Our damn defense SUCKS.

    I was and still am one of the biggest Aikman fans that there ever was but he would be on the sideline nostril sucking ammonia capsules because he would have been PUMMELED with this current offensive line.

    I’m now 40 years old and vividly remember our hay days, and I somewhat agree on the mental tangibles between the 2, but Tony has NOT had an Emmit, nor has he had an Irvin.

    Let’s also not forget those #1 defenses we had in the early 90’s as well. ANOTHER important aspect of those teams that Tony has NOT had the privilege of having.

    If Jerry get’s us a defense, Tony will get us some rings…

    How many 4th quarter LEADS did our D blow last year? Nuff said…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Aikman surrounded by hall of fame players is not better than Romo. Aikman wouldn’t survive with this dallas team. Romo doesn’t have the defense that Aikman had. Romo doesn’t have the offensive line that Aikman had, Romo doesn’t have the all pro irvin at wr and emmit at running back like Aikman had,

  4. Glenn says:

    Wow, nothing much left for me to say. All true and great perspectives on the sad shape of this current team. Sadly Aikman would have been buried behind this line. We prefer to remember his years in the 90’s instead of the last 3-4 years when the O line began to get depleted. All those shots and concussions ended his career way too early. But being a pure pocket passer he wouldn’t have survived the hits.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Aikman made the HOF players, HOF players. If Alvin Harper would have stayed a Cowboy he to would be in the HOF. One of the most accurate passers ever, and rarely made mental flaws (even w/ 11 concussions). A QB passes the ball, and Akiman was a better passer of the ball than Romo… bottom line_Clutch. Not to mention a better competitor than Romo, cause he made the guys around him play harder and hate to lose. .

  6. Anonymous says:

    ” Now here is the thing though. Aikman would have had the Cowboys in the playoffs last season. ”

    Aikman would have missed the playoffs. He would not survive with last years offensive line and probably would have had more turnovers than Romo did.

  7. The Soothsayer says:

    I remember when Troy Aikman threw five interceptions in a game at New York. His back kept locking up on him, and he couldn’t get any oomph on the ball. This is what happens when the GM doesn’t maintain the offensive line–your quarterback gets injured and forced to retire early.

    Is Aikman a better quarterback than Romo? Damn right. Aikman was a champion, a winner, and a leader. But behind this offensive line he’d be crippled.

    He was born with club feet, you know. He had to wear metal bracelets on his legs to straighten his feet until he was 8. He learned how to run by chasing chickens on his family’s farm.

    Any of you ever tried to catch a chicken? I have. They’re fast! I’m telling you, those little suckers can run. It takes a lot to catch a chicken.

    Aikman was a very good quarterback. I wouldn’t put him on the same level as Staubach though, but that’s because I grew up watching him, which just goes to show how old I am.

    However, neither Stuabach nor Aikman could survive behind this offensive line. Romo has escapabilty, and that makes him a good quarterback. It doesn’t make him a champion though. He doesn’t have the team around him.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I love how people just pin those two losses on Romo. Both games the Defense could’ve stopped them a didn’t.

  9. DaBoogityMan says:

    Aikman would have been on IR by week 3 due to head trauma if he had been under center with last years team. Roger would have been in prison by week 5 for killing Garrett & the rest of the offensive unit! Well, he would have got Randy White to do it, but still…

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