Video: How about Kendall Wright in round two?

The Cowboys lost Laurent Robinson and now desperately need a third WR to come and play ASAP so Romo has options all over the field.

Kendall Wright from Baylor is dropping on the draft boards because of a poor 40 time and just maybe he’s available in round two…

I would take him in a heartbeat. Get you big defensive player at #14 and then Wright at the next pick.


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6 Responses to Video: How about Kendall Wright in round two?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I would rather trade back in the 1st round and target Michael Floyd later in the 1st round. Take BB the Georgia CB and Bruce Irvin in the 2nd round

  2. cowboyfan45 says:

    Give me Decastro, not interested in a maybe, he’s the real deal, period!!

  3. chris says:

    too many needs and holes to be taking a WR in 2nd rd .. you can have all the shiny expensive weapons u want but if your QB is laying on his back it won’t matter .. not to mention there’s only 1 ball to go around

    our defense was awful, so imho i would spend the 3 out of the 1st 4 picks on DL/LB/DB .. plus i would take either decastro or a solid guard like silatolu in the 2nd rd

  4. Trade back & get Stephon Gilmore & get Tommy Streeter in The 3rd.

  5. I’m with Chris. You gotta be high to be talking about a skill player anywhere in the first three rounds. We need defense, defense and more defense with the only exception I could accept being a C or G with a high probability of starting day one.

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