Emmitt Smith on the best RB ever

Emmitt Smith on the best RB ever…


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  1. Suave says:

    Emmitt Smith is my favorite Cowboy and RB of all time, and I will always appreciate and respect what he contributed to the franchise on and off the field. For many years, I’ve heard the argument that he was “only good because of his offensive line.” First off, nearly EVERY great RB can attribute his numbers to the guys who blocked for him, so why is Emmitt viewed differently?

    Why is it that Jerry Rice is unequivocally hailed the “greatest WR of all time” even though he played with FIVE pro bowl QBs: three of whom were league MVPs, and two of those three were Super Bowl MVPs? Not to mention, he played on teams oozing with talented RBs, offensive linemen, and TEs who kept his QBs upright so that he can post those great numbers and who kept opposing defenses from focusing solely on stopping him? How come he gets a pass (no pun intended), but Emmitt Smith is unfairly penalized for the talent with which he played? If any RB could have dominated behind Emmitt’s lines, then can we also conclude that any WR would have posted great numbers while playing his entire career with FIVE pro bowl QBs?

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