Video: Nate Livings vs the Texans

Figured I would grab some film on new Cowboys Guard Nate Livings. A playoff game where we hope a guy would play his best game was one of the available games to me so here it is…

He’s not dreadful and he has enough quickness to get in front of defenders when asked to move on pulls, but he is not all that powerful. Most times his entire upper body jerks back on contact. Few plays in there he reminds me of Leonard Davis who would get caught flat footed and reach to block which allows quicker defenders to run past him. That’s exactly what happened on the sack from Antonio Smith. The other sack credited to him in this game was the play where the defender split him and the Center.

I watch this film and I see Kosier on an average to bad day when he was healthy.

Nowhere in here do I see a guy worth a five year deal with six million guaranteed and a starting job on the shelf. Waiting for Bryan Broaddus to get some film on this guy and give us a beak down.

Here’s TMac and Nate Newton talking about the Cowboys offensive line signings – Go here.

The people who are ok with Phil Costa are straight insane because he stinks.


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