Henderson: Carr jumps off the film at you

Here’s new Cowboys Secondary Coach Jerome Henderson talking about his new CB Brandon Carr…

Did Spagnola just say ‘I think the Cowboys like Costa at Center’. Why?

Why is anyone talking about liking what Phil Costa did at Center last season. Consistently he was blown up by LB’s and often blew assignments on stunts. Then you throw in all the time he snapped the ball when Romo wasn’t ready and we are begging for Andre Gurode to come back to the team.


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6 Responses to Henderson: Carr jumps off the film at you

  1. chris says:

    i’m praying that if we draft a g/c that costa will be gone .. hey a guy can dream can’t he

    hey is there a part 1 to “the blitz” show?


  2. CowboY78 says:

    Dc, you should know better than to listen to spags. The guy is a company man, before they cut Newman he was not ruling out keeping him for some reason.

    You and Raf had right, the guys break no stories and will tow the company line of “hedging your bets”. Spagnola is not being paid to be right, he is there to protect the interests of the team. That is why he will say something as asinine as Costa being a good option at center.

    I listen to “talkin cowboys” and “the lunch break”, I know that this an exercise in frustration. Ron and Josh are the two youngest members of the group and you can tell they chafe under having to tow the line, especially Rob, because he has to do his show with Spags.

  3. Did some one mention Phil Costa can play Center? Lmao…I thought Kowalski was so much better than Phil. With the off season, K can only get better.

  4. The Soothsayer says:

    Spagnola is a joke. I lost all respect for him when I met him at the team hotel in Washington in 2000. He’s a short, dumpy guy with a fake tan, and he doesn’t know anything about football.

    Costa’s problems are that he lacks the physique to play center–his arms are too short, and he doesn’t have the size or ability to not get blown up on a regular basis–his snaps are erratic at best, and even worse he can’t call the blocking schemes. When you have guards calling blocking schemes and making adjustments, you have a real problem at center.

    Tom Landry played center. It was his first position in high school football. He said it taught him the importance of teamwork on the offensive line. He also later played running back, defensive back, quarterback, and punter, so this was a man who knew all three aspects of the game.

    I remain concerned about the offensive line. It takes years for these guys to coalesce as a unit. Bringing in stopgap guys does not work, especially if you don’t have a center. I think the Cowboys are pretty well set at the tackle positions, but at guard and center they remain exposed. And don’t think opposing defenses don’t know it. Just blow up the center, blitz the B-gap and hassle the quarterback.

    I think Tony Romo will be running for his life in the backfield all season long, if he can make it past game 6. Then we’ll see Kyle Orton lining up under a non-center. Same song, second verse, it doesn’t get better before it gets worse.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I agree with everyone assessment of Costa. I think Cowboys will draft the kid from Baylor or the kid from Michigan in the draft. However, I do like KK. Especially with an offseason and full training camp.

  6. Shutdown says:

    Carr is The Real Deal,Cruz wont be doing the Salsa ,he will be moon walkin out the end zone!

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