Cowboys will meet with Dre Kirkpatrick

The Cowboys will not be taking Dre Kirkpatrick off their draft board as some had suggested because of his arrest for marjuana charges which were later dropped, read here.

The Cowboys are scheduled to meet with cornerback prospect Dre Kirkpatrick on April 2.

Kirkpatrick, who starred at Alabama and surrendered one touchdown pass in his career, is projected to be drafted in the first round despite the fact he was dogged by marijuana-possession charges that were later dropped earlier this winter.

Kirkpatrick also has scheduled visits with Detroit, Minnesota , Buffalo, Tampa Bay, Tennessee, Cincinnati and Baltimore. He will hold individual workout sessions with Chicago and Tampa Bay as well.

Sounds good to me. The more good CB’s this team adds to the mix the better. Or do the Cowboys maybe want to turn him into Free Safety? Some experts say will be the spot he eventually winds up playing in the NFL.


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2 Responses to Cowboys will meet with Dre Kirkpatrick

  1. Alright Kirkpatrick go kill em in The Interview!

  2. chris says:

    yeah i’ve read b4 that the cowboys could have him play FS this year and than if they don’t resign jenkins next off season than maybe move kirkpatrick back to cb

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